2019 Recipients of Territory Families Scholarships for Women

Ten hard-working Territorywomen are this years recipients of scholarships that enable women to undertakefurther education and training to enhance their employment opportunities andimprove their economic security.

There are two scholarshipcategories, the Minister for Territory Families Scholarships for Women and theTerritory Families Work Integrated Learning Scholarship.

The Minister for TerritoryFamilies Scholarships for Women supports women in the high income and highin-demand fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

The Territory Families WorkIntegrated Scholarship is designed to attract and retain high performing CDUstudents and encourage their career aspirations to work as frontline ChildProtection Practitioners in the NT Public Sector.

Recipientsof the 2019 Minister for Territory Families Scholarships for Women are:

Shantale Niyonsaba Higher Education Scholarship

Anna Lemon Higher Education SITE Scholarship

Christine Armstrong VET Scholarship

Lorraine Martin VET Scholarship

Mia Janson Women in Non-Traditional Trades VET Scholarship

Recipientsof the 2019 Territory Families Work Integrated Learning Scholarship are:

Kate Brown Master of Psychology (Clinical)

Genevieve McGuinness Bachelor of Social Work

Sheldron Adams Bachelor of Psychological Science

Alexandra Gregory Bachelor of Psychological Science Honours

Kate Rawlings Bachelor of Social Work

Quotesfrom Minister for Territory Families, Dale Wakefield

TerritoryWomen are leaders and future leaders. The Territory Labor Government is investing inwomen and we are investing in education. These scholarships will provide financialassistance to women with the potential to be leaders in their fields.

Women are significantlyless likely than men to enter employment in the high income and high in-demandfields of STEM. This is due to many factors including gender bias,stereotyping, and discrimination. The Territory Labor Government is supportingwomen to enter in the STEM fields, as there are currently more jobs there thanany other industry.

We are also supportingwomen to work as frontline Child Protection Practitioners. The Territory LaborGovernment is reforming the child protection system to give vulnerable childrenand young people the best chance for a bright future. This includes investingin our child protection workforce.

As stated by Sheldron Adams,Recipient of the Territory Families Work Integrated Learning Scholarship

Studying Psychology at CDUwill equip me with person centred psychological skills and knowledge. This willallow me to add value to and support the children, families and communities ofthe Northern Territory.

The scholarship withTerritory Families will provide through work experience, a deeper understandingof the needs surrounding child protection and family support within the NT. Thefinancial support provided will enhance my studies by reducing financialburden, allowing more focus on achieving my study and career goals of workingto improving the lives of children and families in the Northern Territory.

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