3 year after SSM vote, new research shows Australian Millennials are increasingly sexually

Millennial Future

A new research study shows the percentage of young Australians who agree with the statement “Our attitudes towards sex are becoming more conservative and that’s a GOOD thing” has doubled since 2018.

The 2020 Australian Millennial Report (Released Feb 2020) polled a nationally representative sample of 1239 Australians aged 20-37.
The question asked each year since 2018 is “Which of the following is most true of Australia’s attitudes towards sex?”
In 2020, 38% of Australian Millennials think our attitudes towards sex are becoming more conservative, up from just 16% in 2018 when the poll was first conducted in the wake of the Same Sex Marriage plebiscite.
Conversely, the percentage of Australian Millennials who feel our attitudes towards sex are becoming more progressive has fallen from 83% in 2018, to 61% today.
Tom McGillick, author of the report says: “Around 35% of Australian Millennials are parents now, and as this group matures, they appear to be growing more conservative. The number who are in favour of more conservative attitudes towards sex is now over 38%”
“In 2020, 35% feel negative about the way out attitudes towards sex are headed. It’s unfortunate that number is that high.”
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