Action on Aged Care for LGBTI Senior Australians

The Morrison Government is committed to ensuring equal access to high-quality, culturally appropriate aged care for all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Gender Diverse and Intersex (LGBTI) people.

More than one in ten senior Australians have diverse sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex characteristics.
The Morrison Government has released the Aged Care Diversity Action Plan for senior LGBTI Australians to help address the specific barriers and challenges they face in accessing aged care services.
The plan will help guide providers to ensure their services are inclusive and culturally safe for all consumers in their care.
The plan is also intended to help senior LGBTI people express their needs when speaking with aged care providers.
In addition, people working in aged care—doctors, nurses, support staff and allied health workers—will find it a valuable resource to understand the perspectives of LGBTI people.
This plan has been informed by a broad consultation process with consumers, carers, providers and peak bodies to capture the voice and experiences of senior LGBTI people.
I want LGBTI people have the same opportunities and options in aged care which are available to all Australians.
By providing culturally safe and inclusive services, providers will build confidence among senior LGBTI people, their carers, families, and allies.
Everyone in Australia has the right to access quality, inclusive and culturally safe aged care services that cater to their individual needs and respect their background and life experiences.
I thank the Aged Care Sector Committee Diversity Sub-group for the passion, expertise and commitment it brought to this important project.
The LGBTI Action Plan is one of four distinct action plans developed under the Aged Care Diversity Framework.
The Aged Care Diversity Framework and the Aged Care Diversity LGBTI Action Plan is available on the Department of Health’s website.
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