Beating COVID Blues with Art and Yoga


As the nation locks down due to COVID-19, metal health experts predict depression rates will soar. Combine physical isolation, possible income loss and a constant stream of pandemic news, and you have a recipe for anxiety and stress. But as the world spins on its axis, it’s important to maintain a daily exercise routine to overcome the COVID blues.

Exercise in the current environment is more vital than ever. Not only does regular exercise support a healthy immune system but it increases a positive mindset, something we meed in spades of at the moment.

Carolyn Cooke, Founder and Creative Director of Yogat, says; “I created yogat to entice busy people to slow down and collectively create a healthier community. Art and yoga both inspire time for quiet contemplation and when fused together it’s a powerful elixir.”

Yogat is a Brisbane based brand, working with Australian contemporary artists to create limited edition yoga mats featuring original artwork. Their aim, to support the arts community and encourage people to take more time out for themselves.

“Yoga is one of the most ancient and perfect sciences to heal your mind and body from stress and anxiety. The best part is you don’t need much, just time to invest and a willingness to learn.” Says Patty Pearlman, Founder, Mana Yoga Retreats and Yogat customer.

Yogat is launching a new collection mid-April featuring the work of Aboriginal artist, Rachael Sarra whose work celebrates her culture and its evolution. “The Journey, is a timely piece to launch” says Carolyn, “as the Artist was inspired by a recent overseas trip and symbolises staying present and grounded in our experiences.”

As our lifestyle becomes more home-bound, at least for the near future, it will allow time to explore new ways to stay physically and mentally healthy and Yogat is helping people to do that with their art inspired yoga mats.

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