Bringing Back Arafura Games in 2021

TheArafura Games will be back.

TheMinister responsible for the revitalised Games Natasha Fyles has announced themulti-sport event will be held again from 14-22 May 2021.

Withmore than 1700 athletes from more than 40 countries taking part in 15 sports,the Games have brought an international flavour and vibrancy to the capital.

Manynew friends have been made, athletes have been tested, a few records broken andmany more memories made over the past nine days.

TheTerritory Labor Government committed to bringing back the Arafura Games. SportsMedicine Australia, St John Ambulance, the Games Ambassadors, volunteers,sporting officials, businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, the athletesthemselves and many others have contributed to turning that commitment into areality.

Withsome athletes using the Games as a stepping stone to international rankings orto boost performances in the lead up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics,theres no doubt the Arafura Games has cemented its position in theinternational sporting calendar.

Quote from Minister for the Arafura Games, Natasha Fyles:

The Territory Labor Government realised the economicand social benefit that these Games bring to our community.

Wewill conduct a cost-benefit analysis as we promised. The economic benefits willtake a while to quantify but the evidence of the social benefits of these Gamesare everywhere.

Our cafs are full, our accommodation housesare bursting and the city is alive with people speaking in dozens of differentlanguages.

Thisis what the Arafura Games the Inclusive Games is all about; sharing businessties, culture, lifestyle, history and sporting endeavours with our national andinternational neighbours.

Imvery proud to be part of a Government with the foresight to bring back theArafura Games. I cant wait until the next one.

Quote from ProjectManager, Oceania Paralympic Committee, Chris Nunn

TheArafura Games have played a pivotal role in determining the athletes from thePacific Islands who will be targeted for international representation at theWorld Athletics Championships and Tokyo 2020.

Weare delighted to hear that the Arafura Games are returning in 2021 and arehoping they can become a regular component of the Oceania regional calendar.

Nowwe know the Games will be back in 2021 we will work together to grow the numberof para athletes to hopefully double what we have had here in 2019.

Quote from ArafuraGames Ambassador, Timmy Duggan

TheArafura Games leaves a legacy and impacts on Darwin socially, culturally andeconomically.

Theprofessional development opportunities for officials, volunteers and coacheshas provided growth to individuals involved in the sports too.

TheCity of Darwin buzzes for the duration of the Games, and I think theyll bebigger and better in 2021.

Quote from Darwin City& Waterfront Retailers Association Chair, Elena Gomatos

The ArafuraGames has given the City a welcomed and much needed vibrancy and our membershave reported an increased foot traffic and some have had improved sales.

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