City of Sydney bilingual statement on international student support during COVID-19

City of Sydney

Please quote Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore

International students are an important part of our community. They contribute a great deal to the economic and cultural life of our city, and we all have a responsibility to support them during this time of need.

Many international students have lost their jobs, are struggling to eat, and are unable to get home. And they generally don’t have the same support networks as our domestic students.

We’re calling on the federal and state governments to ensure these students do not fall into destitution. Covid-19 does not discriminate based on visa, residency or citizenship status and nor should our policies responding to it.

Council recently gave OzHarvest a $1 million grant to feed vulnerable communities, including international students, during this time.

Yesteray’s pop-up OzHarvest Hamper Hub distributed more than 500 free food relief hampers at Redfern Town Hall, and they will be doing the same next week at the Harbourside Shopping Centre.

Yesterday’s pop-up ran 10am-2pm and there was a steady flow of students through the door.


以下为悉尼市市长Clover Moore引言




悉尼市议会近日拨款$100万(1,000,000)给澳大利亚领先食品救援组织OzHarvest ,在抗疫期间为留学生等弱势群体提供急需的食物。

昨天,OzHarvet在瑞德分镇公所(Redfern Town Hall)免费派发了500多个食物救济篮,且还将在下周于达令港(Darling Habour)沿港购物中心(Harbourside Shopping Centre)继续派发。


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