ColorTokens Takes Zero Trust Security to a New-generation by Unifying Network and Endpoint

Built from the ground up, the Xtended ZeroTrust Platform delivers the first and only enterprise solution to combine workload protection, visibility, application control, next-gen AV and EDR in one lightweight agent

ColorTokens Inc. , a leader in new-generation zero trust cloud security, today announced the revolutionary ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrust Platform that proactively protects enterprises of all sizes against the reality of security breaches and targeted attacks – while making zero trust a reality for security and risk leaders. The result is a new-generation of security that single-handedly secures cloud workloads, containers, dynamic applications, endpoints, servers and users from internal and external threats. The easy-to-deploy, cloud-based Xtended ZeroTrust Platform enables enterprises to instantly visualize and segment their entire IT infrastructure, protect endpoints, and contain and respond to zero-day attacks – all while seamlessly integrating with existing security tools.

Despite spending over $130 billion in 2018 to prevent attacks, public breaches – including financial data, medical records and other personally identifiable information – continue to make headlines as advanced malware and attacks constantly threaten today’s digitally transforming enterprises. As a result, organizations are focusing on a strategic zero trust approach – one that goes beyond legacy and perimeter security, and starts with a security posture of ‘default deny’.

“Organizations are under enormous cost, risk and cloud transformation pressures while cyberattacks only increase in number and severity. However, perimeter security and point solutions are no longer enough. A comprehensive and modern zero trust security platform is now critical,” said Nitin Mehta, Founder and CEO of ColorTokens. “Our innovative and game-changing ZeroTrust solution – that unifies visibility, microsegmentation, and endpoint detection and response for the first time – provides a powerful, extensible and cloud-delivered platform to help organizations stop cyber breaches while gaining 360-degree visibility into their cloud and hybrid networks.”

The new Xtended ZeroTrust Platform is centrally managed through a single, unified console and pane-of-glass for simplified administration and control. Powered by the ColorTokens ProtectionCLOUD the platform delivers comprehensive IP, URL, and file reputation intelligence, workload protection, vulnerability assessment, threat hunting, compliance and server DNA analysis to continuously identify malicious traffic – all while automatically and dynamically updating security policies to contain zero-day threats.

The extensible, cloud-based Xtended ZeroTrust Platform, combines three powerful and unique solutions:

. Xtended Visualization – See every interaction between processes, files, users, applications, and workload instances – across datacenters, branches and multicloud infrastructures. Reduce risk and get simpler and faster time-to-compliance (HIPAA, PCI, GDPR).

. Xtended Workload Protection – Micro-segment with just a few clicks to automate workload protection, while mitigating APTs and lateral (east-west) attacks with zero complexity. Automate and orchestrate workload security policies, and securely migrate applications to the cloud – without error-prone VLANs/ACLs or complex firewalls.

. Xtended Endpoint Detect & Response – Protect end-points, servers and legacy/unpatched systems with cloud-based endpoint security. Hunt down and respond to zero-day threats by isolating and killing bad process chains originating from compromised endpoints.


The ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrust Platform is available now as a cloud-delivered software-as-a-service.

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