Counterfeit notes reported to Hills police, SA

Police are reminding the business community to be alert for counterfeit currency after a number of fake $50 notes were reported in the Adelaide Hills at the weekend, according to SA Police.

Last week the Reserve Bank of Australia announced that new $50 banknote have gone into general circulation – the third denomination in the new series of banknotes following the release of the $5 and $10 over the past two years.

The new $50 retains the basic design elements from the previous series. It features portraits of Aboriginal writer and inventor, David Unaipon, and Australia’s first female member of parliament, Edith Cowan.

Important information about the security features of the banknote can be found here:

On Saturday a man presented a fake $50 at a supermarket in the Adelaide Hills, but when it was noticed by staff he tore it up and left soon after.

Police have been advised of two other counterfeit $50 notes being presented and accepted at two other businesses and are investigating who presented them, and whether the same person was involved in all three incidents.

Businesses should remind any staff responsible for cash handling that a new note has been placed in circulation, and that they should take a little extra time to check the texture of the note and other in-built security features.

To determine if a suspect note is counterfeit, it is best to compare it will a note that is known to be genuine.

If you suspect you have a counterfeit note report it to the police assistance line on 131 444.

Handle the note as little as possible and store it in an envelope.

Check any CCTV for footage of the suspect and provide police with any other relevant information such as description of the suspect, anyone else they were with, and their vehicle.

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