Dancing androids, chook-wire viruses, and future of beer

National Science Week

Great National Science Week stories and talent up for grabs in Melbourne and around Victoria, including:

· Real whodunnits: what’s fact and fiction on crime TV shows and disaster movies?

· How will beer taste in the future?

· Black holes, dark matter, tipping points and new horizons: art collides with astrophysics

· Phasmid of the opera: performances featuring music, dance and a stick insect

· Discover the galaxy in your kitchen

· Vaccines, coronavirus, criminal trials, and climate change: trusting science in a time of crisis

· Making viruses from couscous and chook-wire

· Gamers: can you power up enough molecules to fire a laser?

· Take a virtual reality tour of the solar system

· Become a Carbon Counter and join the challenge cut our contribution to climate change.

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