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‘Dark matter’ in cat genomes may shed light on human disease
Making sense of cosmos
Research finds potential role of ‘junk DNA’ sequence in aging, cancer
Research Snapshot: Astrophysicist outlines ambitious plans for first gravitational wave observatory on moon
Two dark matter detector heavyweights join forces to build new observatory
Leading xenon researchers unite to build next-generation dark matter detector
NWO-Vidi grants worth €800,000 for 13 UvA researchers
SLAC hosts Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm for a virtual visit
$14m invested in world-leading RNA therapy: University of Otago spinout targeting new cancer treatments
New clues to why there’s so little antimatter in universe
Observation, Simulation, and AI Join Forces to Reveal a Clear Universe
Grant will support gravity research that could update Einstein’s theory of gravity
5 Projects That Push Limits of Physics, Fabrication Techniques, Algorithm Design
Researchers help open new window on Universe as part of £9.4M research project
Hunting for big game in physics with a small trap
Throwing an ‘axion bomb’ into a black hole challenges fundamental law of physics
How physics breaks down in a black hole
To find out how galaxies grow, were zooming in on night sky and capturing cosmic explosions
Dark matter: ‘real stuff’ or gravity misunderstood?
New cold atom source lays groundwork for portable quantum devices
Bioeconomy: Taking Microbes out of Dark and into Light
How a supermassive black hole originates
Leading astrophysicist takes out top prize in Australian Space Awards
Over 500 new FRBs detected in single year due to CHIME telescope
Dark Energy Survey releases most precise look at universe’s evolution
Astronomers apply their skills to cancer research
Modeling mysteries of universe, closer to home
Giant Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
Dark matter detection
Detecting mid-infrared light, one photon at a time
DESI’s quest to map expanding universe begins
Dark Energy Survey releases most precise look at universe’s evolution
Expert is first female Astronomer Royal for Scotland
Mapping local cosmic web
Dark Matter Particle Explorer Reports Most Precise Measurements of Cosmic Ray Proton and Helium Spectra above TeV and Reveals
RADES joins hunt for dark matter
Nathalie Palanque-Delabrouille to Lead Berkeley Lab’s Physics Division
Jacco Vink to use large grant to seek out sources of gamma rays
AMS, a decade of cosmic discoveries
To Map Universe, Astrophysicists Launch Largest Sky Survey Yet
Mapping universe in 3D
Successful start of DESI Instrument to reveal dark energy mysteries
How exoplanets could aid search for dark matter
Why precision luminosity measurements matter
Furthering exploration of space
Building a universe in a supercomputer
At forefront of space research
FASER is born: new experiment will study particles that interact with dark matter