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Smith Earns NSF Grant to Study “Dark Matter” of Genome
Astrophysicists Use AI to Weigh Galaxy Clusters
AI Uncovers Equation to Weigh Galaxy Clusters
Thinking big and dark by starting small and light
Ancient Microbial Dark Matter Explored in New Study
Research to be accelerated with synergistic partnership
Simulations Pinpoint Universe Structure
Roman Space Telescope & Rubin Observatory Team Up for Simulated Galaxy Testbed
Roman Space Telescope & Rubin Observatory Team Up for Simulated Galaxy Testbed
James Webb Telescope unveils images from major observer program
Roman & Rubin scientists team up for simulated galaxies
Cosmic Ray Veto Detector Shipment Heads to Fermilab
Solving problems across boundaries
Research Unveils Epigenetic ‘Traffic Lights’ Controlling Gene Activity
Phiala Shanahan Seeks to Unravel Physical World Mysteries
Atom Aids Search for Universe’s Building Blocks
Four Vici grants for Leiden University researchers
Sustainability needs women and girls in science
Footprints of galactic immigration uncovered in Andromeda galaxy
Art & Science Collab to Bring Space Events to Lewisham
ERC Consolidator grants for detection of microwave photons and X-ray microscopy
Scientists Map Universe’s Matter with High Accuracy
They get prestigious ERC-grants 31 January
Lost Video of Georges Lemaître, Father of Big Bang Theory, Recovered
New model for dark matter
Researcher Diego Blas receives Buchalter Prize in Cosmology
Mapping Our Galaxy’s Magnetic Field: QUIJOTE Mission Unveiled
Faint Galaxies Shed Light on Early Universe Mystery
Astronomers Find Stars Halfway to Andromeda Galaxy
Hubble Finds Ancient Ghost Light Among Galaxies
LHAASO’s Dark Matter Search Establishes Stronger Limits on Lifespan
Year in stories – 2022
Unravelling mystery of Milky Way’s satellite galaxies
Milky Way’s mystery solved: plane of satellite galaxies disperses over time
Mystery of Milky Way’s Satellite Galaxies Solved
Octopuses Link Complex Life to ‘Dark Matter’ Genes
Rare Earth Compounds for High-tech Applications
Using power of symmetry for new quantum technologies
Antihelium nuclei as messengers from depths of galaxy
ALICE estimates how transparent Milky Way is to antimatter
Messengers from Depths of Galaxy: Antihelium Nuclei
Hubble detects ghostly glow surrounding our solar system
Researchers say space atomic clocks could help reveal nature of dark matter
James Webb Telescope provides unprecedented view of ghostly light of galaxy clusters
Silicone sponge captures unknown bacteria
Twin pack of cooled nanoparticles
Shape of Milky Way’s halo of stars is realized
Hannu Kurki-Suonio investigates humanity’s eternal questions about universe