Data-driven marketplace platform set to revolutionise food and beverage industry


Data driven marketplace platform set to revolutionise the food and beverage industry.

Australian marketplace platform Grabox is expanding its core offering in the food delivery service with the launch of Grabox Kitchens.
The parent company is building on the success of its initial market offering: to help restaurants enhance the customer experience of their food delivery orders received via online platforms.
Grabox has experienced exponential growth during COVID
19, as the new ‘delivery culture’ enables direct to consumer brand engagement with targeted audiences. This led to the company extending free products from multinational brands to its 1000+ partner restaurants to distribute as ‘gifts’ with their orders a concept which has
since gone global.
Embracing this breakthrough technology has led to the creation of Grabox Kitchens. The platform uses advanced analytics, AI and machine learning that together enables a challenged hospitality industry to re-imagine its business models while minimising risk and creating new growth, all at zero cost.
This extends opportunities to local businesses, increasing activity in their kitchens and thereby creating a potential safety net to sustain job security. It signals a dynamic shift in the way the food industry will operate in the future.
Grabox founder and Head of International Growth Dhruv Kohli says the vision “is to provide a unique solution for the hospitality sector to reach its full potential in the food delivery market. Nearly 90% of local restaurants find it challenging to thrive on these food delivery platforms due to a lack of technical knowledge, marketing know how
and menu innovation.”
This unique turnkey solution is one of a kind and helps restaurants build a profitable food delivery business by fostering virtual brands in their existing kitchens: “We built it this way because we want owners to stay and thrive, and not become part of the percentage who are forced to shut down.”
The company is at the forefront of an industry revolution, building the future of Australia’s first ever digital portfolio of brands. This concept allows the creation of new ‘delivery only’ menus and bespok e food brands, all generated by intelligent algorithms and delivered through platforms such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Menulog and
Additionally, this asset light model enables multiple brands to operate out of a single location by engaging under utilised kitchens and existing infrastructure in restaurants, hotels, clubs and pubs.
Paired with the projection that the food delivery market is growing exponentially toward $500 billion by 2025, Dhruv says the Grabox platform adapts to growing trends while making a lasting social impact: “Grabox Kitchens is really about connecting with people and building meaningful relationships. After a tough year, we are excited to bring a buzz to our hospitality sector and help it boom again.”
Grabox has an existing presence across Australia, New Zealand, India and the United Kingdom. Grabox Kitchens is now available across Australia, with plans to launch in New Zealand, India and the United Kingdom in 2021.
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