Dropbears, superbugs, and astrophysics meets Minecraft

National Science Week

Great National Science Week stories and talent up for grabs around South Australia, including:

▪ Are koalas really cuddly … or are they dropbears in disguise?

▪ How do superbugs get super-villain powers?

▪ Forget the Telstra shop. Your smartphone came from the stars. Find out how.

▪ Giant wombats versus ichthyosaurs: which would win? Adelaide palaeontologists fight over the best fossil

▪ Explore a gravitational wave detector via Minecraft

▪ How can you tell good science from bad? Ask the experts (if you trust them!)

▪ Meet the cuttlefish, sea-dragons, dolphins, sharks and rays of the Great Southern Reef – without getting wet

▪ The science of blowing a record-breaking 19.8-metre soap bubble

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