Fossil rivalry, deadly slime and kitchen astrophysics

National Science Week

Great National Science Week ENTERTAINMENT stories up for grabs now around Australia.

As Australia’s biggest science festival migrates online, every story has national reach. Try these ideas:

  • Real whodunnits: what’s fact and fiction on crime TV shows and disaster movies?
  • How do superbugs get super-villain superpowers?
  • Discover storms on Jupiter—multiple events and locations
  • Giant wombats versus ichthyosaurs: which would win? Adelaide palaeontologists fight over which is the best fossil
  • Can you save a cartoon character from being plunged into a vat of acid?
  • Discover the galaxy in your kitchen
  • Hit the virtual science trail across Sydney

These are just a few of the events and activities happening across Australia during National Science Week: August 15 to 23.

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