Geelong is Tough and Optimistic

The Centre for Optimism

“She’ll be right mate” is a stereotype of the Australian practical response to a problem!

Despite months of COVID restrictions and lockdown, it remains true of Geelong residents.

The “Better Normal” Survey conducted this month by the Victorian-based Centre for Optimism asked 3000 people from 37 countries whether they made positive changes to their lives during lock-down. Two-thirds of respondents and over 70% of Geelong respondents said yes: They want a better normal not a return to old ways of working.

With most businesses still awaiting a full return to work, the Centre recommends all businesses and agencies ask their workforce, customers and stakeholders about the improvements they have made and what they expect.

“We have a people, young and old, changed and strengthened by the pandemic and lockdown state of disaster! Government and business would be crazy not to understand it better and respond,” said the Centre for Optimism’s Victor Perton

Geelong examples:

Working from Home: “Working predominantly from home which gives me more quiet focussed time to work, less time travelling and a more calm approach to life” and “Implementing an effective work life and wellbeing program.”

Mindful: “Being more cautious and better at forward planning.”

Fitter: “Better diet and more time at home” and “A better daily exercise and work life balance”

Balance: ” am less over-committed” and “making a contribution”

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