Governance of Catholic Schools in Melbourne

Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne

The Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne confirms it is consulting with clergy and school Principals about changes in the governance of Catholic Schools throughout the Archdiocese.

Melbourne’s Catholic Archbishop, Peter Comensoli, began a conversation with the clergy and others inOctober this year.

Archbishop Comensoli has said:

“Our clergy and principals have been engaged in a consultation phase regarding a new governance model for Catholic schools, since 4 October 2019.

We are firmly committed to the mission of Catholic education in Melbourne and to upholding our responsibilities under the law. We will be consulting into next year and at this stage we do not have a final structure to which we are committed. A Steering Committee is being appointed with accompanying expertise to work towards a model that will support good governance in service of our mission.

Our parents and families of Catholic school students deserve the best and the safest learning environments we can offer for their children, and good governance is one of the ways we can ensure the future of Catholic education in the years ahead.”

Clergy have a crucial role as spiritual and pastoral leaders in their parish communities and will continue to offer that service, even with a reformed governance model more suited to the new compliance and legal requirements in Victoria.

Catholic schools share a significant vocation as part of their local parish, and the Archdiocese is committed to their wellbeing and flourishing as faith-filled communities.

Under Victorian State Law, any new incorporated model must be in place by 1 January 2021.

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