Hickey’s priorities clear: cash before constituents

  • Hickey calls for massive pay rise
  • Hickey’s job apparently more important than regular Tasmanians
  • Liberals determined to keep wages low (except their own)
  • The Liberal Member for Clark Sue Hickey has been exposed as being out of touch with everyday Tasmanians after her recent plea to bump up her salary by as much as $80,000.

    Despite Ms Hickey enjoying a chauffeur driven car, almost $10,000 for entertainment and around $40,000 in other allowances, apparently she still needs a massive pay rise.

    Labor MLC for Elwick said this is the same MP that voted against Labor’s push to scrap the two per cent public sector wage cap and against free TAFE for Tasmanian jobseekers.

    “I live and work in the northern suburbs of Hobart,” Mr Willie said.

    “I challenge Ms Hickey to tell anyone out here why she deserves a massive pay rise when she already earns almost $200,000 plus perks.

    “The average working person in my community earns under $50,000 per year.

    “It’s up to Ms Hickey to tell people out here why her job is worth four times more than theirs.

    “It’s completely out of touch with hardworking people who can’t afford school uniforms for their kids or are struggling to keep a roof over their head.”

    Josh Willie MLC

    Labor Member for Elwick