Historic alliance between Public and Private hospitals to defeat…

For the first time in the history of South Australia, the Marshall Government will mobilise private hospitals into the public battle against COVID-19 as part of the Government’s strong plan to save lives during this pandemic.

“Every available resource will be used to combat this virus and protect the health of South Australians during the pandemic. All South Australian’s are feeling the impact of this fight no matter who they are or where they live,” said Premier Steven Marshall.

“Making use of the State’s private hospital network, its extensive ICU capacity and its excellent workforce to combat COVID-19 is a critical component of the State Government’s strong plan to contain the pandemic.

“South Australia’s private hospitals provide excellent care to their patients and incorporating them into the fight against COVID-19 will greatly enhance our capacity to deal with any large increase in cases.

“Public and private hospitals joining forces underscores that this is a fight we’re all united in, shoulder to shoulder, we will get through this.

Health and Wellbeing Minister Stephen Wade welcomed the commitment of the private hospital sector to assist with the fight against COVID-19.

“The agreement struck between the SA Government and the Commonwealth provides the basis for the full mobilisation of the private hospital sector across the State as required during the pandemic,” said Minister Wade.

“The State’s private hospital network has more than 1700 beds and significant ICU capacity that will be vital in ensuring South Australians receive the best possible medical treatment during the coronavirus pandemic.

“The agreement will ensure South Australia’s public and private hospitals work in tandem to ease the pressures public hospitals are likely to experience as the coronavirus infection rate grows.

“Private hospitals have agreed to accept COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients as directed by SA Health and provide access to their ICU facilities.

“The State Government has already moved decisively to bring forward the expansion of Flinders Medical Centre ED to provide additional resources to deal with the impacts of coronavirus and the winter flu season.

“The State Government has also secured an additional 278 beds at ECH College Park, the old Wakefield Hospital and the Repat, as part of our decisive response to COVID-19.

“With the agreement that private hospitals will now be on the frontline of our response to COVID-19 those facilities will be readied for use but held in reserve until they are needed.”

The National Partnership agreement finalised today State and Federal funding to deliver the partnership with the private sector which is a critical component of the State Government’s strong plan to contain the pandemic.

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