Home Batteries going like hot cakes

Thousands of South Australian households have rushed to signed up to the State Government’s Home Battery Scheme (HBS) in the weeks before the maximum subsidy was reduced from $6000 to $4000.

In the five weeks between subsidy step-down being announced and implemented more than 5000 subsidies were approved, which takes the total number of subsidies to 12,334.

“South Australia is light years ahead of the other Australians states when it comes to the adoption of the electricity cost saving and environmentally responsible home batteries,” said Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“The Marshall Government’s $100 million Home Battery Scheme is the largest per capita home battery scheme in the world delivering cleaner, more reliable and affordable power to South Australian households.

“The massive uptake of the HBS has also created a mini jobs boom for home battery installers at the very moment we need as much work as we can possibly get in South Australia.

“The installation of the remaining 6,700 batteries and associated solar panels will provide the equivalent of 150 full time jobs in the growing green energy industry in South Australia during the next 6 months.

“The Home Battery Scheme has seen Sonnen and Alpha ESS establish new manufacturing facilities in South Australia and 119 system providers register to install the 20 approved brands of batteries.

“South Australia will have an additional 146 MWh of additional storage when the 12,334 home batteries are installed which will help reduce electricity bill for all other household customers.

“Home owners have been banging down the doors of the system providers to get themselves a home battery during the last five weeks.

“I’ve no doubt the opening of the scheme to new home buyers through the deal struck with the Stoddard Group has helped drive the acceleration of HBS.

“The success of the Home Battery Scheme has also resulted in a surge in the number of Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) operating in South Australia.

“By getting on the front foot, South Australians have been the big winners through massive cuts to participating households’ electricity bills, attracting seven VPP programs and helping to stabilise the grid and reduce costs for other consumers.

“The new maximum subsidy of $4,000 and low interest loans remain outstanding value for households wanting cheap electricity and blackout protection.”

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