Housing report provides too little, too late

Tasmanian Labor
  • March quarterly housing report released two months late
  • Report shows drop in new social housing construction, no action on homelessness
  • Housing Minister must revise Affordable Housing Strategy, Action Plan
  • The release of the March Quarterly Housing Report is yet another damning indictment of the Liberals’ inaction on housing.

    Shadow Housing Minister Alison Standen said the report, released today two months late, shows a drop in social housing dwelling construction and no movement at all on homelessness.

    “The latest quarterly housing report outlines the department’s response to COVID-19, and little else,” Ms Standen said.

    “Not only that, but that issue fell largely outside the reporting period of January to March 2020.

    “But when it comes to reporting on real action, there was apparently very little of substance to say, and what there was wasn’t good news.

    “There’s been a 20 per cent drop in new social housing dwellings constructed during this quarter – down from 87 to 69 – even though we know there is unprecedented demand for social and affordable housing.

    There was no new homeless accommodation provided this quarter, underlining the ongoing delays in providing shelter for those most in need as we head into winter in the midst of the pandemic.

    “The people experiencing homelessness in regional Tasmania and those couch surfing or living in overcrowded premises again get nothing.

    “On top of this, the additional $34 million investment in social housing due to the Commonwealth debt waiver last September had delivered access to just one new social housing home by the end of March.

    “The Liberals may say their target of supporting 400 additional households into housing by 30 June 2023 is on track, but the evidence here tells us otherwise.

    The Housing Minister has been given a blueprint to address the housing crisis, in the form of the 61 recommendations in of the House of Assembly Select Committee on Housing Affordability.

    “Roger Jaensch must revise the Affordable Housing Strategy and Affordable Housing Action Plan – Stage 2, in light of those recommendations, the Commonwealth debt waiver and the current pandemic.

    “We are heading into what will no doubt be a difficult winter for many people without access to adequate housing.

    “There have been too many winters like this for too many Tasmanians. The time for talk is over. This government must actually get on with it and do something tangible for those in real need.”

    Alison Standen MP

    Shadow Housing Minister

    /Public Release. View in full here.