Hydrus Technology Holdings Pty

David Cam, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hydrus Technology has stepped down as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Cam first approached the concept of developing a new process of wastewater treatment that used less environmentally harmful chemicals in 2006, when he began research and development into electrochemical treatment methods for complex wastewater. In 2013, Mr. Cam incorporated Hydrus and became Chief Executive Officer.

Under Mr. Cam’s stewardship, Hydrus has developed a technologically advanced process for treating complex wastewater from mining, oil & gas, landfill and industrial markets. Hydrus is now positioned as a leader in developing cutting-edge wastewater treatment solutions, which provide clients far superior operational, environmental and wastewater treatment outcomes.

In 2015, Mr. Cam relocated the company to the United States negotiating a strategic alliance with a North American heavy equipment manufacturer, has completed the design of the mobile and scalable wastewater treatment technology, manufactured the first commercial scale units and secured the company’s first long term customer.

The innovative solutions developed during Mr. Cam’s tenure, allow Hydrus technology to turn contaminated industrial wastewater into water that meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards or client-specified water quality targets for reuse or safe release into the environment.

Mr. Cam steps down for personal reasons and we thank him for his innovation, passion and enthusiasm during his years at Hydrus and wish him well for the future.

About Hydrus Technology:

Hydrus Technology Holdings Pty Ltd, is a technology company founded in Australia with its U.S. headquarters in Houston, Texas. Hydrus is at the leading edge of a paradigm shift in wastewater treatment. The company has developed advanced, resource-efficient, flexible electrochemical technologies with broad application across industries including landfill, mining, industrial, oil and gas, food production, and other applications. The company’s technology has positioned Hydrus to address some of the world’s toughest commercial, natural resource, and environmental challenges.

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