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NATO Deputy Secretary General inaugurates DIANA’s European Regional Office, greets MD
EVA Air adds five 787-9 Dreamliners to sustainable fleet
Global Volatility Underlines Challenges for Budget: Opinion Piece
Untold History of Horse in American Plains
Research Explores Horse Presence Origins in North America
Indigenous Knowledge Key to Landmark Study on Horses in American West
Indigenous Cultures Adopted Spanish-Origin Horses Pre-European Arrival in Great Plains and Rockies
Exhaustive Study Probes Hidden History of Horses in American West
Untold History: Horses in American Plains & their Future
Enhancing Extreme Ultraviolet Laser Power Using Dark Autoionizing States
Amcor Wins Packaging Excellence Award for Environmental Performance and Shelf Appeal
Daily Handful of Blueberries May Boost Brain Function
£5.8M Project Aims to Deliver Sustainable Future for Open Access Books
Desert vegetation changing due to climate change
Experts commend Nigeria for recognizing migrant complaints mechanism, raise concerns on brain drain and persecution based on sexual orientation
Reconstruction Reveals Prehistoric Temperatures at Oldest North American Sites
Summit for Democracy Declaration
WMO Retires Fiona and Ian from Hurricane Names List
Astronomers Witness Birth of Distant Galaxy Cluster in Early Universe
Ancient DNA Uncovers African-Asian Ancestry in Eastern Africa
Unexpected Syntax Boosts Marketing Communications’ Effectiveness
Research: Private Equity Ownership Boosts Airport Performance
Experts explain: Why auroras come in different shapes and colours
Shepherd School Presents Lincoronazione di Poppea’ Opera
Largest Listed Livestock Firms Face Climate-Related Costs
Lessons from Top Firms on Innovating for Diversity
New Treatment: Pulsed Radiofrequency and Steroid Injection Ease Sciatica
Sonoran Desert Plants Affected by Climate Change
Light Pollution: How to Preserve Stars
Research examines origin of horses in North America
Buc-ee’s Inspires Naming of Beaver Fossil
Co-Chairs’ Statement on Latest National Opioid Data
Researchers Identify 6 Challenges Humans Face with Artificial Intelligence
Wisconsin Cave Reveals Clues to Climate Changes
Minister Ng Names Four New Directors to Invest in Canada Board
Clinical Practice Guidelines Recommend Plant Foods for Chronic Disease Prevention and Treatment
Climate Group warns: No climate finance, no net zero for states & regions
Biden Administration Invests in America, Local Communities Benefit
Biden Addresses Canadian Parliament in Speech
President Biden, Prime Minister Trudeau Issue Joint Statement
US-Canada Partnership Strengthened
Corporate Investments Fuel Climate-Tech Innovation
UK Businesses in LA Employ 52,000
Mining CO2 for Critical Minerals: New Tech Unveiled
Historian Examines Post-WWII Britain’s Valuing of Emotional Intimacy
North America Strengthened by US Business Move to Mexico
6 Waterloo Experts Contribute to UN Climate Report
Protecting little brown bats from white-nose syndrome