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Metals from Chinese coal plants are ending up in Pacific Ocean, with uncertain consequences
Remarks to 2020 Bund Summit, Shanghai, China
When Is Best Time to Get Pregnant for Americans?
River Herring, Fish You Didn’t Know You Needed
Machine learning comes of age in cystic fibrosis
Fungal eye infections leave over half a million people blinded each year
$3 million investment to seed growth in grain industry
Listed medicines containing Artemisia species
Canada and U.S. join FAO in commemorating UN agency’s 75th anniversary at opening of informal North America
First Dutch field trials with exotic insect to combat invasive plant
Fungal eye infection blinds over half a million in one eye
Six NFB docs in competition at Montreal International Documentary Festival. Women directors and creators with ties
Significant Fuel, Time & CO2 Savings Expected from Jordan / Israel Airspace Agreement
Three subjects placed No. 1 globally, NTU Singapore ranks highly in latest US News & World Report rankings
Lost and Found: UH Geologists ‘Resurrect’ Missing Tectonic Plate
COVID-19: not all antibodies are equal in fighting virus
Insights Into a Tiny Insect That Causes Big Damage
Menopause researcher Professor Henry Burger AO awarded Lifetime Achievement Award
Soils Contribute Greatly to Forest Fire Carbon Emissions
Mothers: CONCEPTION needs you
Baby bobcat rallies after hip surgery
One-third of young people in low- and middle-income countries have lost a sibling
Florida surgeon Steven D. Wexner, MD, FACS, elected Vice-Chair of ACS Board of Regents
Immediate CPR saves more lives than transporting cardiac arrest patients to hospital
Concordia math undergrad aims to inspire more women in STEM fields
New study shows which medical procedures pose COVID-19 risk to health-care providers
Carnivores living near people feast on human food, threatening ecosystems
Economists Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson win Nobel in economic sciences
Covid-19 crisis highlights LNG’s key role in global natural gas security
Sexual objectification leads to anxiety and fears of personal safety
Evolution on Smallest of Scales Smooths Out Patchwork Patterns of Where Animals and Plants Live
Proclamation on Leif Erikson Day, 2020
Certain pre-existing conditions may double, triple mortality risk for COVID-19
Study finds fungal disease of snakes in 19 states, Puerto Rico
‘Smile pretty and watch your back’: real impact of sexual objectification
FDA approves new drug to treat common form of muscular dystrophy based on research from University of Alberta
Businesses urge states to adopt Transportation and Climate Initiative
UH Opens Touchless, Checkout-Free Retail Store
Labor unions are providing necessary layer of protection for LGBTQ workers
Gudie Hutchings announces funding for organizations supporting people experiencing gender-based violence
United States and Japan Hold Bilateral Security Discussions
Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier win 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Austrade regional market update on impact of COVID-19 7 October
Debbie Folaron is named Concordia’s first-ever Jean Monnet Chair by European Union
Budget a missed opportunity for social housing & apprentices
Gabriele Messori: understanding rapid climate change
University to lower flags in honour of former Prime Minister John Turner
Rio Tinto and AB InBev partner to deliver more sustainable beer can