Inwi Launches win, a 100% Digital Brand

A revolution is occurring in the telecom landscape of Morocco as inwi launches win, the first 100% digital brand.

“win is not a new offer from inwi but is a new way of doing telecoms which we have been working for years. It is a unique experience that allows us to fully rethink our business,” says Nadia Fassi-Fehri, CEO of inwi, adding, “It is a tangible demonstration of inwi’s leadership in digital transformation and its commitment to remain at the forefront of innovation and anticipate the needs and desires of our customers.”

win is an interactive and evolving world where the whole customer experience and all services, from subscription to customer support, are digital. It is a brand that offers unprecedented accessibility and generosity and that allows customers, for the first time in Morocco, to configure their offer at any time.

win is a new experience, a new way of doing things. It is the perfect illustration of the customization and flexibility allowed by the digital transformation led by inwi. Today, inwi offers all customers the opportunity to become their own operator. From the app on their smartphones or from the win website, customers interact directly with inwi’s IT systems. They can do everything by themselves, without having to go to a store or to call customer service, they can configure their offer, subscribe online, receive their SIM card, receiving support 24/7 through a chatbot.

The teams in charge of the development of this new universe have directly interacted with their target customers to get a sense of their expectations, their digital habits as well as their aspirations and desires in terms of digital and telecommunications.

win’s aim is to offer everyone a unique, intuitive and simple experience with unmatchable prices and complete flexibility to configure their data and voice offer. In addition, win clients benefit from inwi’s network excellence, ranked best data network in Morocco in 2017 and 2018 by nPerf.

To make it happen, inwi has partnered with world leaders in digital transformation and in customer relationship management and development, namely Salesforce, Vlocity and Mirum-wpp.

“win is a native digital universe that relies on Salesforce and Vlocity systems. That’s what makes win a premiere worldwide in the telecoms sector,” says Matthieu Dumont, Senior Regional Vice President of Salesforce.

With the launch of win, inwi is already the telecom operator of tomorrow – an operator willing and ready to support and anticipate the evolution of Moroccans’ usage and consumption habits.

SOURCE: inwi

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