‘Leave’ & ‘Remain’ make final pitch 24hrs before Brexit polls open

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RT’s live coverage of the EU referendum as campaigning enters the final 24 hours before voting begins. Boris Johnson says Brexit will mark Britain’s “independence day,” while David Cameron warns the UK “can’t jump out of airplane and then clamber back in.”

David Cameron insists he has no regrets about calling the EU referendum in 2013. On whether he was pressured into calling it, Cameron told the BBC: “We haven’t had a say on the issue since the 1970s. Europe has changed… I would dispute that this has been done in a hurry.”

In calling the referendum, which he accepts will be “very close,” he has put the unity of his Conservative Party and his own career on the line.

So will he still be prime minister on Friday?

“I will accept the instructions of the British people and get to work to deliver them,” he says.

Cameron says reforms will continue after the referendum if the UK stays inside the EU. He says staying in will help Britain tackle issues such as terrorism and climate change.

He says he is a “deeply patriotic person” and does not want to “give that up to some sort of United Europe.”

“We are not shackled to a corpse, you can see the European economy is recovering… The vision of Britain in Europe is that we do have a special status, you have the best of both worlds,” he told the BBC.

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    ‘You can’t call this referendum, it’s too close’ – polling expert

    As the country prepares to vote on its future, ‘in’ or ‘out’ of the European Union, polls suggest the result could go either way.

    On Tuesday, pollster YouGov had ‘Leave’ ahead by 51 percent to 49, while a Survation poll had ‘Remain’ ahead by just one percentage point.