Living Nordic Model and Nordic Model of Education Release Call for Papers

Living the Nordic Model is collaborating with another UiO:Nordic funded project, ‘The Nordic Model of Education’ to organise the ‘Nordic Modes of Bildung, Schooling, and Upbringing’ conference in Oslo in April 2020.

This conference will examine historical and current ideals, practices, and institutions related to the formative aspects of Nordic citizens’ lives-their childhoods, parenting values, schooling, education, and lifelong learning.

Researchers engaged in the study of the institutions and arenas in which children and youth are brought up and educated are invited to consider the following questions:

How have aims and expectations changed over time both in the Nordic settings and worldwide?

Are there specific Nordic traditions in Bildung, education, and upbringing?

Are they more rooted in common ideals of equality and communitarianism than in other Western and global societies?

How are these ideals expressed, justified, and institutionalized in a more globalized era?

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