Moving Up is proving a more desirable option than Moving Out in current property market.

Why now is the time to invest in your Home.

Moving Up is proving a more desirable option than Moving Out in current property market.

Housing research expects substantial declines of a further 6 to 9 per cent in Sydney and Melbourne property market in 2019, this year instead of purchasing a new home in a declining real estate market, invest in your home, take the plunge and create additional affordable space by utilising your unused room space with The Attic Group.

Leading Real Estate Industry Expert, Charles Baynie says “In my 30 years of residential real estate I have seen the property values increase and fall. However, I have always found that people who invest in the properties that add that extra uniqueness do better when selling. Such an affordable investment has been in unused attic space. The amount of space that is continually wasted by home owners is an easy way to gain extra value in your home. I have seen this space used for an extra living area, home office or even a bedroom with bathroom. I recently auctioned a home in Epping with a living space and I know that the vendor got a great result due to the addition of this versatile space. The winning bidder even mentioned this after the auction when questioned why they bought the home. If you have an attic space you are onto a winner provided that you utilise its full potential. The results speak for themselves”.

The Attic Group is Australian owned and has been the leading Attic Specialists for more than 42-years. Award winning, attic conversion experts, it is all about customising and maximising the space above.

A attic renovation is extremely cost effective, as well as affording you and your family more space; it’s also a great way to invest in your property and secure a better price should you ever choose to sell. An attic conversion can range from $50,000 up to $350,000 – it is still a cheaper option than purchasing a bigger house or extending outwards. And unlike adding an extra story or extension, the process is relatively pain free. Property experts suggest a well-executed attic conversion can add up to 20% to your home’s total value.

The Attic Group General Manager, Greg Gerstl says “With tighter banking lending restrictions in place on new home loans now is the opportunity to use the increased equity in your home to further invest in your greatest asset. Instead of purchasing a new home and paying additional costs such as stamp duty and relocation costs the best way to add value to your property in a declining market is to invest in your home. The old adage of every dollar you invest in your home effectively increases the value of your home by an additional two dollars. There is no better time”.

If you love your existing home and neighborhood and moving out is not an option, then moving up could be the solution for you in the current real estate market. MOVE UP!


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