NSW Senator appointment brings respite for civil liberties and taxpayers

At 3:45pm today, Liberal Democrats Senator Duncan Spender will be chosen by a joint sitting of the NSW parliament to serve as a Senator until 30 June 2019, ensuring that civil liberties and taxpayers will be protected at least until then. During the NSW state election campaign, the NSW Governor had temporarily appointed Duncan Spender to be a Senator until 22 May 2019.

“I am honoured to be appointed to represent the people of New South Wales – but the fight for civil liberties and lower tax goes beyond June 30,” Senator Spender said.

“That’s why I am contesting the upcoming election to retain this Senate seat, to ensure voters get a sensible Senate crossbench that defends civil liberties, stops tax hikes and pushes the reforms the nation needs.

“So to coincide with my appointment today, I am announcing that if I am elected on May 18, I will introduce a bill within the first 100 days to lift all Commonwealth and Territory bans on nuclear power and uranium mining and to regulate nuclear power.

“This will pave the way for the full nuclear cycle to be legal in Australia.

“With nuclear power being the safest form of energy there is, it’s time to put some sanity back into both the energy debate and the energy grid. Amid soaring power prices and unreliable baseload supply, nuclear is the answer.

“Given my appointment until at least 30 June, I pledge to fight the Coalition’s ‘Foreign Fighters’ bill, which will be put to a vote before 30 June if they retain government.

“I will also fight Labor’s massive tax bills which will be put to a vote before 30 June if they seize power.”

Along with Senator Spender, the Liberal Democrats are running Senate candidates in every state, along with a number of lower house seats.

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