Palmer blasts Adani decision as ‘too little, too late’

Clive Palmer has blasted the Queensland Government’s approval of the Adani coal mine today as ‘too little, too late.”

“The window of opportunity started two years ago with this mining cycle and Queensland is now behind the eight ball yet again,” Mr Palmer said.

“It should be up and running by now. Potentially billions of dollars in royalties have been lost which could have funded hospitals and schools,” he said.

Mr Palmer said the collapse of the Labor vote in Queensland had seen Annastacia Palaszczuk hit the panic button and do a backflip on her policies to support the Adani project

“First she didn’t want mining, then became a turncoat following the federal election results,” Mr Palmer said.

Mr Palmer said urgent consideration must now also be given to other Queensland mining projects which will create employment for thousands of people.

“Adani is not the only mine in Queensland.

“Serious questions need to be asked as to why this government is giving an unfair advantage to a foreign company, and access to our highest-quality coal which once converted to final products and services will be sold back to Australia for thousands times more.

“This is the same government that just this week committed huge amounts of taxpayer money to provide lower rail freight charges for existing multi-national mineral producers such as Glencore on the Mount Isa Line.

“This is a state Government with no leadership and no vision, they only care about themselves and their jobs,” Mr Palmer said.

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