Paramedics union release

The Paramedics union is demanding NSW Ambulance address the huge increase in calls from the public and collapsing response times by bringing forward planned increases in paramedic numbers.

AustralianParamedics Association (NSW) President Chris Kastelan said paramedics across the state were doing their best to cope with the workload but were frustrated by the slow rollout of recruits promised by the NSW Government.

“The latest figures on response times show that NSW Ambulance is failing to provide adequate front line services to the public,” said APA (NSW) President Chris Kastelan.

“Paramedics are out there every day saving lives but they are being let down badly.”

“We have been calling for an increase in the numbers of paramedics for several years but the NSW Government’s announcement of 700 extra paramedics over four years was never going to assist with the surge in cases we are faced with now,” he said.

“We can’t wait for another there years for new paramedics to join the ranks. We need them on the job now to cope with a serious upsurge in patients during the current flu season.”

Mr Kastelan said the Productivity Commission reported earlier this year that NSW Ambulance had the second worst response times in Australia.

“NSW Ambulance is struggling to meet the demand because they have failed to match the numbers of crews with the increassing numbers of calls from the public.”

“Parmedics have never been more professional in their clinical competencies and once they arrive on scene patients receive first-class treatment but there are simply not enough paramedics on the job.”

“We are currently taking a case to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission to have significant increases in pay to recognise the recent paramedic registration process and major changes in the clinical capabilities of our paramedics.”

“The NSW Government’s 2.5% salary cap has led to a situation over several years where our members are not being properly remunerated and we want that addressed.”

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