PERTH EVENT – Justice Reform: Turning Ideals into Reality

Miscarriage of Justice Support Fund Inc.

News Release

October 18, 2019

Miscarriage of Justice Support Fund Inc.

PERTH EVENT – Justice Reform: Turning Ideals into Reality


Renowned Australian law reformer Dr Robert Moles will be joined by a panel of expert speakers including barrister Tom Percy QC, author Bret Christian, forensic investigation consultant Richard Boddington and film producer Adrian Bertino-Clarke, at an event on October 22nd at the Mercure Hotel, to discuss causal factors leading to the growing problem of miscarriages of justice affecting Western Australia.

With alarming estimates that between 2,000 and 4,000 Australians may have been wrongfully convicted of serious crimes, and may never come out of jail, it is imperative that factors causing miscarriages of justice be addressed and reforms be carried out expediently.

The panel of experts will introduce these issues from different professional perspectives, with more and deeper analysis and action plans outlined for the coming months.

The event commences at 7PM. Tickets are available online at this address:

Miscarriage of justice affects victims and their families in many different ways, causing them and society at large, very serious legal, financial, emotional, social and health costs. The Miscarriage of Justice Support Fund Inc. (MJSF) aims to assist and support victims and their families to the best of its ability either directly or indirectly in these different spheres.

MJSF is a newly created public benevolent association with ATO approved deductible gift recipient status, here’s their website:

Among other forms of assistance, MJSF allows people to create crowdfunding campaigns to help those affected by miscarriage of justice.

Not so long ago, when Lindy Chamberlain’s case erupted, it was Justice Kirby (1991:1047) who stated “it should be acknowledged wholeheartedly that, in too many cases, it has been the media rather than the institutions of justice or the judges, which have been vindicated… Embarrassing as it is to say… It was a band of loyal journalists who supported them, rather than the judicial institutions which actually led to the termination of that injustice”.

Some of the experts may be

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