Peter Gutwein leads divided Liberals

Tasmanian Labor
  • Division dominates Liberals, policy plays second fiddle
  • Last minute capitulation by Michael Ferguson to avoid showdown in party room
  • Premier will need to watch his back
  • The toughest job facing the new Premier Peter Gutwein is to reunite the bitterly divided Liberals.

    Labor Member for Braddon Shane Broad said without reunifying his team, Peter Gutwein will not be able to focus on the list of issues needing urgent attention.

    “With Will Hodgman’s departure, that division has been on very public display and it’s not been a pretty sight.

    “To have taken nearly a week to choose a new leader is a sign of a divided party and there will be many Liberal members unhappy with today’s outcome. The last minute capitulation by Michael Ferguson does nothing to reduce the tension and disunity.

    “This division within Liberal ranks is a ball and chain around the new Premier’s ankle that he will drag all the way to the next state election.

    “Peter Gutwein can’t afford to relax. He needs to watch his back while opponents within his party bide their time to make another move on the leadership.”

    Dr Broad said the events of the past week have been deeply unsettling for Tasmanians.

    “Tasmanians need to see genuine unity within the Liberal party, and they need to see concrete action to resolve the issues affecting them every single day.

    “Until today’s crisis meeting, neither contender had said a single word about their vision for the state.

    “Tasmanians have had forced on them a Premier they didn’t elect, and a policy vacuum.

    “This is not democracy at work. This is chaotic politics that serves nobody.”

    Shane Broad

    Labor Member for Braddon

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