Second new M4 toll would send shockwaves through Western Sydney

In a massive hit to Western Sydney families just days out from the election, Premier Berejiklian said there will be a second new M4 toll under a Liberal Government in the Sky News leader’s debate.

The current M4 toll is the single largest cost of living issue affecting many M4 commuters in Western Sydney.

In a late night tweet Premier Berejiklian then said she wouldn’t introduce a new M4 toll.

In the debate the Premier was asked if there would be a second toll west of Parramatta. She said there would be under the Liberals. This part of the M4 is currently toll-free.

“Either the Premier is so out of touch she doesn’t know where the tolls are or she slipped up and revealed her real plans for after the election,” Shadow Minister for Western Sydney, Prue Car, said.

The current M4 toll costs more than $2,000 a year for a regular commuter – dwarfing soaring electricity prices.

The Liberals are keeping their M4 toll, while Labor is introducing a M4 toll Cashback.

“Every person I speak to is already feeling the pinch from rising costs. A secret new toll would be cruel and unaffordable. It will blow the family budget for tens of thousands of Western Sydney commuters.” Labor Leader, Michael Daley, said.

“This will not happen under Labor. I cannot be more certain, under a Government I lead there will no new tolls on old roads. In fact we will introduce massive cut to tolls paid with our M4 Cashback.”

“This will send a shockwave through Western Sydney,” Shadow Minister for Western Sydney, Prue Car, said.

“It is a disaster for family budgets and the Liberals know this, it’s why they have never whispered a word of a new toll before tonight.”

Labor is committed to a M4 Cashback, which was costed in the independent Parliamentary Budget Office’s official statement.

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