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VP Harris Meets IA State Reps on Reproductive Rights in Des Moines
Canada announces steps to limit private health care costs
Canada to Cut Health Transfer Payments in March 2023
Canada Advances Reversing Unjust Convictions
VP Releases Statement on Texas Abortion Ban Lawsuit
Greens call for Abortion access to be free, safe, and legal
AMA: Reproductive Health > Convenience
Abortion Rates in Low- & Middle-Income Countries Studied
White House: VP on Reproductive Healthcare Access
New research explores appeal of ‘dangerous’ men
UN Praises Spain for Feminist Laws
Cheaper Alcohol Linked to Higher Abortions, Birth Complications
Study: Abortion Views Closely Tied to Views on Race, Religion
Brain Biases Explain Partisan Rejection of New Info: Study
UK Supports Peru in 42nd UPR Human Rights Review
Motile Sperm and Frequent Abortions in Spreading Earthmoss
Democrats Meet Congressional Leadership for Discussion
Biden: Commemorating 50th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade
1 in 10 Minors Denied Court Approval for Abortion
1 in 10 Minors Denied Access to Abortion via Court
Retracted Paper Had Hidden Interests Behind Anti-Abortion Stance
Risky Amino Acids Halt Protein Synthesis
Lost Amino Acids Block Protein Synthesis: Risky Translation
University of Oslo:Democracy awards 22 million kroner
OK Google, let’s talk about your abortion ad ban
Study finds conceiving quickly after miscarriage not linked to adverse risks
Challenging Guidelines for Pregnancy Interval After Miscarriage or Abortion
Sweet corn that swells in summer heat creates uncertainty for corn lovers
Public consultation launched – abortion legislation reform
Human Rights Act enhanced to protect religious communities
Abortion is healthcare, not moral issue. Patient safety depends on healthcare privacy
How to prepare for Election Day
Detroiters say quality K-12 schools is top policy priority for November elections
Arkansas poll reveals economy still top concern for Arkansas voters
Abortion ruling bringing out midterm voters
Aggressively patriarchal worldview attracted Swedish women to IS
Association of Texas’ abortion ban with number of facility-based abortions in Texas, surrounding states
Estimated travel time, access to abortion facilities before, after Dobbs v Jackson women’s health decision
More equitable abortion care and support available from today
Remarks by Vice President Harris in Press Gaggle 29 October
Cincinnati Edition: Should Kentucky’s constitution protect right to abortion
Ka Leo honors 100th anniversary with special print issue
Supporting Human Rights in North Korea
Greens move for abortion access Senate inquiry
Universal access to contraception must be top priority
Statement from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Arizona’s Court Decision
New Jerseyans Favor Sex Education in Middle and High School, But Split on Elementary School
How will Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade affect rheumatology?