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Research links red tides and dead zones off west coast of Florida
Cleaning up lakes and oceans
Improving Reef water quality and protecting farms from catastrophic flood damage
Testing how seaweed biofilters could improve Reef water quality
Blue-green algae being monitored
How do blind cavefish survive their low-oxygen environment?
How blind cavefish survive low-oxygen environment
Idalia wetland management focuses on plants, wildlife
Climate change drives rise in extreme lake water temperatures
Foundation for new clarifiers complete
Red snow phenomena are balancing act
Computing for ocean environments
Black eyed peas could help eliminate need for fertilizer
Ultrasound project aims to control algae at Lake Bullen Merri
Researchers say it’s time to clean up Clean Water Act
Changing weather patterns mix up size, duration of annual Chesapeake Bay dead zone
Warm-water habitat ‘pays bills,’ allowing cold-water fish to fuel up
Warming climate will increase number of harmful algae blooms
Warm weather increases risk of blue-green algae
Marine biologists, local officials seek answers to recent fish kill
Animals Died in ‘Toxic Soup’ During Earth’s Worst Mass Extinction, Warning for Today
Ancient sea ice core sheds light on modern climate change
Female and young walruses depend on disappearing Arctic sea ice for food sources
$6.9M to link Lake Wyangan with Griffith’s Water Reclamation Plant
How fire today will impact water tomorrow
Blue waters – green beaches: benthic filamentous algae are an emerging threat to clear lakes worldwide
For second straight year, smaller Chesapeake Bay dead zone forecast for summer
Turning research into commerce
Global warming: lakes lose too much oxygen
New ‘Swiss Army knife’ cleans up water pollution
South Florida could be heading toward another summer of slime
Human wastewater is feeding harmful algae blooms off of Southern California’s coast
Protecting Local Water Can Help Slow Climate Change and Provide Trillions of Dollars in Benefits
Economist Helps Demonstrate Global Benefits of Keeping Water Clean
Tracking nitrate in farm fields
Researchers say cultivated seaweed can soak up excess nutrients plaguing human health and marine life
5 things to know about environmental threats facing Tampa Bay
New book studies intersection of psychology, environmental law
Townsville water update – 1400hrs 16 February
Non-toxic marine algal bloom identified at Jervis Bay
Okeechobee: From Blooms to Biocrude
Chesapeake Bay dead zone smaller than in recent years
Summer road trip finds small streams have big impacts on Great Lakes
Marine scientists fingerprint sources of nitrogen on Coffs coast
Project led by University researcher to help at-risk fish in lower Great Lakes
University Scarborough researcher sounds alarm on invasive species
Metabolite Analysis of ALS Patient Blood Plasma Could Reveal, Rule Out, Possible Biomarkers for Disease
Metabolite Analysis of ALS Patient Blood Plasma Could Reveal, Rule Out, Possible Biomarkers for Disease