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Study Finds Dopamine, Biological Clock Link to Snacking, Overeating and Obesity
Untangling APOE ꜫ 4’s association to tau tangle
10 research discoveries that fascinated us in 2019
A nuclear protein stabilizes an enzyme to ensure its gene-silencing activity
Open-access database boosts behavioural research
Link between herpes virus infections, Alzheimer’s refuted
Alzheimer’s study shows promise in protecting brain from tau
‘DNA is not your destiny’: Genetics a poor predictor of risk for most diseases, study suggests
Behavioural research gets boost with first open-access database
Forgetfulness might depend on time of day
Making most of summer holidays for people living with dementia
Simple tool shows life expectancy after dementia diagnosis
A new gene therapy strategy, courtesy of Mother Nature
Early Detection of Brain Degeneration on Horizon with Innovative Sensor
Two UO postdoctoral scholars receive prestigious fellowships
Study Examines Causes of Death in U.S. Breast Cancer Survivors
New study enhances knowledge about widespread diseases
Fragmented sleep may affect brain’s immune cells, impair cognition: University study
Alzheimer’s memory discovery
Medical Research Future Fund boost to take satellite technology from space to eye clinic
New grant will fund clinical trial of a novel approach to treating Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s disease and memory disorders during holidays
$3m to strengthen Centenary Institute research
£1.25 million boost puts Exeter at cutting-edge of genomics
Families with long, healthy life spans focus of $68 million grant
Decoding Dementia 2019 winners
Study shows why visceral fat increases with age and impairs metabolism
How a protein in your brain could protect against Alzheimer’s disease
University of Alberta, biotech company team up to study whether medical cannabis could treat
World first as artificial neurons developed to cure chronic diseases
Neurodegenerative diseases may be caused by molecular transportation failures inside neurons
Predicting Alzheimer’s-like memory loss before it strikes
Millions for research into cellular quality control
New funding boost for dementia-focused research at Curtin
Dementia Australia welcomes dementia-friendly design focus for Repat Health Precinct
Skiers had lower incidence of depression and vascular dementia – but not Alzheimer’s
Helping crack Alzheimer’s code
Cells study helping to crack code to Alzheimer’s disease
Relation between speech and action
Using Gene Scissors to Detect Diseases
Melbourne Cup winners give to dementia in memory of father and friends
Predicting vulnerability to Alzheimer’s disease and delirium
Correlation found between loss of chromosome Y and genetic instability
“From Controversy to Cure” documentary chronicles biotech boom
Police seek help to locate missing elderly man – Mount Colah
Researchers identify a molecular mechanism involved in neuronal degeneration caused by Huntington’s disease
Herbal treatment trial to fight dementia
U.S. President Trump Is Delivering on His Promise to Make Healthcare Prices More Transparent