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IMF Executive Board Completes Fourth Review of Extended Fund Facility Arrangement for Angola
Travel restrictions update South Africa ban extended, Israel removed from Travel Corridors list
WFP and Government of Angola support nutrition for over one million children in province of Luanda
Angola National Day
Falklands finally landmine free thanks to UK-funded team
Protecting human rights and ensuring regional cooperation in Great Lakes Region
British exporters recognised in Queen’s Birthday Honours List
Northamptonshire woman fined after north London waste crime
Building support for developing countries in adaptation and resilience against effects of climate change
UK Export Finance publishes its 2019-20 results and new Business Plan
U.S. President Trump announces intent to appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts 2 May
Security and Policing 2020
Africa Solidarity Trust Fund donates $1 million to efforts to combat Desert Locust
Uk-ais commercial deals
PM Africa Investment Summit speech 20 January 2020
Africa Minister backs trade and investment opportunities in Angola
“Exceedingly rare” plant species face increased chances of extinction
Universal Periodic Review 34th session Minister for Human Rights statement
Steven Byrd gives lecture on his book about African language in Brazil
Climate Contributes to Hunger Crisis in Southern Africa
34th Universal Periodic Review UK statement on Angola
FAO sees cereal boom, protein pinch and banana risks
More than 52 million people across Africa going hungry as weather extremes hit continent
As climate shocks intensify, UN food agencies urge more support for Southern Africa’s hungry people
UK aid-funded mine clearance success in Angola to be repeated in Zimbabwe
Cracking down on north London waste crime
UKEF supports new Angolan power infrastructure and development of sustainable food supply
Zika virus linked to microcephaly, discovered on African continent
Waste crime Bucks man ‘after quick buck’ fined
Researchers detect unreported Zika outbreak
Liam Fox announces government support for INCATUK to deliver Angolan agricultural project
While recognizing progress on parity in access to education, UNESCO calls for increased efforts on quality and completion to ensure…
Pau Gasol appointed Global Champion for Nutrition and Zero Childhood Obesity by UNICEF
Aid used for trade is helping developing countries diversify
More must be done to eradicate hunger in Africa
UK Export Finance powers UK export boom with record £6.8 billion support in 2018 to 2019
Suspended prison term for north London fly-tipper
PM throwing away billions by short-changing preschool
New funding boosts efforts to combat deforestation, desertification
Renewing solidarity to tackle Africa’s hunger and poverty challenges
Study: For low-income countries, climate action pays off by 2050
Companies Doing Business on 5 Continents and in 30 Countries Sign Agreements to Distribute
Security and Policing 2019
Australia announces new High Commissioner toSouth Africa
UKEF supports Angolan healthcare and power infrastructure development
SACS goes live, making gigantic leap in global connectivity