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WHO announces sustained progress with hundreds of millions of people no longer at risk
Scientists take big step towards producing novel polymers in living cells
Statement from Chief Public Health Officer of Canada
New national action plan released to curb rise in syphilis cases
More monitoring needed to reduce post-hospitalization urinary tract infections
Autonomous diaper sensor better detects urinary tract infection
Widely-available antibiotics could be used in treatment of ‘superbug’ MRSA
New centre to fight drug-resistant bugs through improving use of antibiotics
Cannabidiol is a Powerful New Antibiotic
New commitments in fight against antimicrobial resistance
Ocean Swimming Alters Skin Microbiome, Increasing Vulnerability to Infection
Bees, music, cells, antibiotics and fuel: Funding advances IU research
New Multi-Partner Trust Fund launched to combat Antimicrobial Resistance globally
Good viruses and bad bacteria: a world-first green sea turtle trial
In face of slow progress
Two meningococcal cases
Study offers new target for antibiotic resistant bacteria
Preventing drugs from being transported
Salmonella Resistant to Antibiotics of Last Resort Found in U.S
Bacteria such as E. coli detected in minutes by new technology from University of Warwick
Job well done: SES volunteers thanked for their role in saving dog’s life
How flow shapes bacterial biofilms
To fight TB infection, early protection is crucial
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme: Ten things every dentist should know
Effective medicines are medicines that fit into YOUR daily routine
Meningococcal case 30 May 2019
Cranberries join forces with antibiotics to fight bacteria
AMA National Conference calls on pharmacists to stop prescribing
Canada invests in poultry sector to drive innovation and growth
Cambridge recognised as Leader in Openness around animal research
Farmer’s best to snap, crackle and pop at Bushman’s Dinner
Leading defence against superbugs
Project to trace, track and tackle antimicrobial resistance wins $1 million grant
Meningococcal disease in an adult
Baylor recognizes research excellence with DeBakey Awards
EPA Science Series -antimicrobial resistance escapes hospital walls
Chicken soup – does it do more than soothe soul?
Institute for Glycomics shares in multi-million dollar grant for ground-breaking gonorrhoea research
New antibiotic to tackle super bugs goes to trial
Painting a fuller picture of how antibiotics kill
Third comprehensive report on antibiotic resistance identifies ongoing threat
Australian doctors overprescribing flu antivirals
Queensland sets dangerous precedent with pharmacy prescribing
Study into how superbugs evolve wins $1.5M funding
QUT researchers collaborate with Metro North clinicians to strengthen patient outcomes
Complex world of carbohydrate chemistry
Now is best time for flu vaccination
Queensland Government disregard for patient safety