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National Trust Secretary, Paul Boniface to deliver Heritage Public Lecture
Book Landscapes of Survival sheds new light on habitation of Jordan deserts
Cornell Day of Data to focus on research collaboration
Toolkit of Prehistoric Humans
Indigenous archaeology and landscape knowledge that sustains oral histories
A New Archaeology for Anthropocene Era
Ancient DNA reveals secrets of Game of Thrones dire wolves
New publication affirms academic legacy of Hanna Stöger
MOD archaeologist awarded MBE in New Year’s Honours list
Pioneering university startups on show at world’s biggest tech show
Student’s Space Archaeology start-up receives new funding from UK Space Agency
New funding for innovative space tech to help solve problems on Earth
Globalization During Bronze & Early Iron Ages
Discovery of 66 new Roman Army sites shows more clues about some of empire’s most infamous conflicts
Aroma of Distant Worlds
NWA-grant for project ‘Streaming past’
How a long-lost list is helping us remap Darug place names and culture on Dyarubbin, Hawkesbury River
Godchaux family’s transformational legacy continues with $6.6 million in gifts to Vanderbilt School of Nursing
What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain?
Early Kenyan Herders Relied on Consistency and Connections in Unpredictable Conditions
Businesses urged to get involved in major A303 Stonehenge upgrade
Archaeologists uncover evidence of psychedelics use at cave site
3,500-year-old place of worship with mass burials discovered
African trade routes sketched out by mediaeval beads
Data Management and Gortyn Project: ‘With great data comes great responsibility’
Contract Archaeology director Dello-Russo to retire
Book by UNM archaeologist documents Pueblo Bonito chocolate jars find
Research shows how hallucinogens shaped prehistoric cave art
Secrets of ‘lost crops’ revealed where bison roam
Middle Stone Age Populations Repeatedly Occupied West African Coast
Concordia PhD candidate’s debut book examines continued life of Game Boy Advance
Garstang Museum to support development of 3D digital exhibitions at museums across North West
Archaeology find in Beechworth deemed important
La Trobe receives $4.1m in ARC grants
New initiative launched in Liverpool to develop a ‘love of learning’ in children
Highways England welcomes green light for major A303 upgrade past Stonehenge
Project cuts pollution in Northumberland
Skull shines light on human evolution
Altai Pastoralism Project Funded by National Geographic Society and Wenner-Gren Foundation
FSU presents symposium on crisis facing Amazonia
Smithsonian: UC researchers uncover ancient Maya water filtration
Playing detective on a galactic scale: huge new dataset will solve multiple Milky Way mysteries
Population Dynamics and Rise of Empires in Inner Asia
Big interdisciplinary project to reveal patterns of migration
10 Million Euro ERC Synergy Grant Awarded for Study of Cognitive and Cultural Evolution of Numeracy
Neolithic construction boom led to large-scale mega henges being built across southern Britain, research suggests
Bronze Age travel routes revealed using pioneering research method
Local cooking preferences drove acceptance of new crop staples in prehistoric China