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Final voyage of Captain Matthew Flinders
Dishing dirt on an early man cave
Call for new ACT Heritage Council members
Silk Road Origins of Foods We Eat” by Dr. Robert N. Spengler III
Gaia starts mapping galactic bar in Milky Way
Ancient Roman port history unveiled
New book tells story of Whenua Hou
UTA anthropologist studies ancient submerged settlements in Great Lakes
Hangzhou’s Liangzhu Archaeological Site joins UNESCO World Heritage Site club
Lead pollution in Arctic ice shows economic impact of wars, plagues
Thinking big: Philosophers gather in Wollongong for annual conference
Roman road and possible mine discovered during Cornish archaeological excavations
Woodstock really was a free-wheeling festival, new archeological research shows
Binghamton University names new director for archaeology research center
Archeological mystery solved with modern genetics
Southampton confirms global top 100 status in World University Ranking
University of Sydney scoops up humanities grants
From radical past to city’s lungs – past, present and future of urban commons explored
Experts from all over world to gather in Brest and at UNESCO for protection of underwater heritage
UO team puts an ancient spin on a new digital currency
ANU staff and alumni share in Queen’s birthday honours
Ancient DNA sheds light on migration and impact of Arctic hunter-gatherers to North America about 5000 years
Earliest flaked-stone tools found in Ethiopia
Human ancestors invented stone tools several times
Humans used northern migration routes to reach eastern Asia
Students journey into deep past at Lake Mungo
Oxford introduces new Positive Action Targeted Studentships as part of latest round of AHRC
HS2 reaches 9,000 jobs
Archaeological gems found near Queen Vic Market
Walking plank to our oldest shipwrecks
Pilbara ship engraving may depict British ship Mermaid in 1818
More mysterious jars of dead unearthed in Laos
3D printing to save dogs’ day
Minecraft Reveals Melbourne’s Past And Present
Birmingham’s transformation as HS2’s work programme gathers pace
Indian and Australian researchers challenge origin of art
New joint research hub with ECNU
Routes into Construction for Women
Holy Pleistocene, answer’s in bat cave
Mysterious volcanic ash layer blanketing Mediterranean 29,000 years ago traced to volcano
Lost graves identified by new archaeology methods
Fish that outlived dinosaurs reveals secrets of ancient skull evolution
Rebuilt Notre Dame could be just as wonderful
Canada and Inuit Heritage Trust Sign Franklin Artifact Memorandum of Understanding
Progress at Euston as HS2 completes key demolitions on site of London’s new high speed
Australian National Maritime Museum appointments
HS2 encourages next generation of engineers
La Trobe delivers high research impact