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Passion for protecting Aboriginal culture inspires Fortescue’s CEO for Day
Festival of Archaeology: What does it mean to be disabled in past?
Stained glass present at murder of Thomas Becket could be oldest existing in England
Using archeology to better understand climate change
New road upgrade helps to build knowledge of Cornwall’s rich history
Archaeologists cracking Roman history along Dere Street, one of Britain’s oldest roads
Maritime Museum launches Wreck Seeker, third digital gaming experience in series
Digital gaming experience brings maritime archaeology to life for next generation of explorers
ANU archaeologist awarded top honour for life’s work
New Maxwell exhibitions examine work of two photographers
Findings of a cave painting with best scene of honey harvesting in Levantine art
Canine faeces reveal more about 17th century working sled dogs
Scientists warn on dangerous implications of losing Indigenous and local knowledge systems
Archaeologists to recover lost World War II US bomber crew in West Sussex field
Canada invests in infrastructure for Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site and Kejimkujik National Park Seaside
World’s Earliest Shark Attack Victim Identified in Japan
Natural England announces landmark new programme for protected landscapes
Being Anglo-Saxon a matter of language and culture, not genetics
Tradition of keeping mementos in memory of loved ones dates back at least 2,000 years
First evidence that medieval plague victims were buried individually with ‘considerable care’
Impact of lead in children of Roman Empire
Homo sapiens “Linya” lived in northeast of Iberian Peninsula 14,000 years ago
UNF archaeology uncovering lost Indigenous NE Florida settlement of Sarabay
Stone Age raves to beat of elk tooth rattles?
IU works with Native American tribes on new measures to strengthen partnership
World-first artefact dating method shows humans have lived in shadow of Himalayas for more than 5,000 years
Oldest human traces from southern Tibetan Plateau in a new light
Sustainable archaeology: Research into Easter Island’s past may aid its residents today
New network for nuclear astrophysics
Starting grant for investigation of forgotten landscapes of World War II
‘Win-win partnership’ gives new life to Parramatta’s historical treasures
Ink Wonders of San Wu: Masterpieces of Ming Calligraphy
Parramatta heritage goes online in spectacular 3D
Saharan architecture project film wins 2021 Golden Bridge Best Cinematography Award
Leaders in arts and business awarded honorary UNSW degrees
Maxwell Museum hosts virtual summer camp for kids
Viking ship burials shrouded in mystery
Half of Guadeloupe’s Snakes and Lizards Went Extinct after European Colonization
First bronze vessel accessioned into ZJUMAA
Indigenous co-management essential for protecting, restoring Bears Ears region
Indigenous co-management essential for Bears Ears region
Surprising Evolutionary History of our Oral Bacteria
Christopher Martin reappointed as a Member of Treasure Valuation Committee
King Henry VIII’s favourite ship, Mary Rose, was made up of a multinational crew
New, almost non-destructive archaeogenetic sampling method developed
Oldest Human Burial in Africa
Laurie Cosmo: ‘Dutch museums are very innovative’
Bike trails offers best chance to restore mountain