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Saturday Paper Book Review: Keeping Them Honest
Prime Minister – Transcript – Press Conference – Mowbray, TAS
Mr David Irvine AO
David Irvine AO
Statement from Jennifer Westacott, Business Council chief executive
2022-23 Budget building safer and more secure Australia
National Security – Shared Agenda
PJCIS backs laws to further strengthen intelligence community
Intelligence community to appear before Committee in response to Richardson Review
Prime Minister – Transcript – Press Conference – Sydney, NSW
First ‘love-bomb’, then ‘financial emergency’: 5 tactics of Tinder swindlers
Government playing politics on china threat, but dropping ball on national security
Further evidence required before extending intelligence agencies’ powers
AFP in Western Australia reveals operational success in helping to keep community safe
AFP operational results helping to keep NSW safe in 2021
Massive rise in racism concerns must impel action
Union led campaign forces federal government to dump proposed snooping laws
Trials of Bernard Collaery and Witness K
Three counter terrorism sentences handed down in one day – one an Australian first
Australia needs Minister for Intelligence: expert
PJCIS to scrutinise relisting of Hamas’ Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades as terrorist organisation
Sentencing of three individuals for terrorism offences
Adelaide man charged with new offences as result of counter-terrorism investigation
Neo-Nazi revelations more evidence of far-right organising
Union in fight against new laws that would force 2 million workers to turnover internet history, emails
NSW Joint Counter Terrorism Team arrests Sydney man
Re-listing of Hizballah’s External Security Organisation as a terrorist organisation
Hackers could bring down our cities – here’s how we stop them
Inquiry points way for press freedom reform
Committee agrees to an international production orders regime
Funding a safer Australia to secure our future
Statement from Minister for Home Affairs
Far-right investigations must spur action on fascist terror
Group of Eight Measures to Safeguard Australia’s Research
ASIO Must Name Far-Right
Australia needs a National Anti-Racism Framework
Sydney man accused of breaching Control Order 16 January
Sydney man accused of breaching Control Order
Law Council President calls for Parliament to reinstate judges to authorise ASIO questioning powers
Statement On NZ Royal Commission
Government response to Comprehensive Review into Intelligence Legislation
Law Council raises grave concerns about lack of safeguards in new ASIO powers
Committee agrees to revised ASIO powers
Data retention legislation needs more work
Mandatory data retention improvements recommended
ASIO’s extraordinary detention powers extended until
Citizenship loss bill should pass: Intelligence Committee
Strengthening integrity of research