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NSW Legalises Voluntary Assisted Dying, Time to Grant Territories Their Democratic Rights
Unemployment: More People Gave Up Looking for Work Than Got Job
Clean hydrogen is Dirty Marketing: FOI & Polling
Lismore faced monster floods all but alone
WPI: Worst Real Wage Decline This Century
Significant Proportion of Voters Uncertain on Senate Preferential Voting
Senate Polling Research
5% Pay Rise Would Still See Big Business More Profitable Next Year
One in Five Worked with COVID Symptoms; Sick Leave Entitlements Must Be Strengthened
APPEA members pay no income tax on income of $138 billion
Government Agency Political Appointments as High as One in Three
Finland & Sweden Join NATO: Dramatic Strategic Change in Europe
Higgins Polling Research Shows Landslide Support for Truth in Political Advertising Laws
Polling: Integrity Key Issue to Voters
Fuel security needs to be national priority
Wages Will Continue to Lag Without Targeted Wage-Boosting Measures: New Report
Inflation Good for Budget but Bad for Voters
Facebook Revelations an Attack on Democracy
Pandemic Workforce Crisis Requires TAFE Investment in Early Childhood Education to Boost Economy: Report
Hosting UN Climate Summit Could Ease Pacific Tensions: Report
Renewed Call for Review of $4.5 Billion Carbon Credit Scheme
Unwarranted ‘Kangaroo Court’ Attacks on Integrity Commissions Undermine Crucial Accountability Role
Goldstein Polling Research
Housing Affordability Crisis Requires Nordic Policy Solutions: Experts
Coal Prices & Breakdowns Drive 140% Increase in Electricity Prices in 12 Months
Carbon Capture and Storage Fuels More Net Zero Fraud
Australians deserve certainty on net zero target for their health
Free undergraduate education to save universities and jobs: report
Australia 91% reliant on foreign oil: Research Report
$7.4b Dam Announcement Doesn’t Hold Economic Water: Research
Allegations of Political Lies Underscore Need for Truth in Political Advertising Laws
Government Energy Claims Don’t Stack Up
New Police Powers Threat to Civil Society: Research Submission
Polling: National Integrity Powers to Investigate and Deter Corruption Crucial
Union blitz on penalty rates this Easter long weekend
Electrification best and fastest way to prevent global warming catastrophe
Australian Youth Job Guarantee needed to repair pandemic devastation: new report
Industry body slams fuel security announcement as a “drop in refinery”
Universal Public Early Child Education in Australia Would Pay For Itself: Research Report
Federal budget cuts to integrity bodies spark calls for independent funding
Federal Coal Closure Changes No Substitute for Real Roadmap
Tidal Wave of Alarm for Tassie Oceans Amid Landmark Marine Law Review: Research
SA Polls: Boothby, Sturt Contests Heat Up as Voters Back Protecting Great Australian Bight
Tassie Deserves More Representatives in Wake of Premier’s Shock Resignation
IPCC Report Shows Road to Safety, Aust Govt stuck on Highway to Climate Disaster
Govt spends more on advertising than Coles, Woolworths, McDonalds amid crossbench calls for greater oversight
Narrabri Coal Mine Approval No Joke for Climate
New Assistant Commissioners appointed, South Australia