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Climate Solutions Fund Saved from Propping Up Coal
Transcript – Response to Second Stimulus Package
Overwhelming Majority Support Government Paid Leave for COVID-19 Self-Isolation
Majority of Australians Want Coronavirus Boost to Newstart
Victoria Gets Power to Clear Energy Network Roadblocks
Government must act now on many, diverse calls for ongoing Newstart increase for everyone locked out of paid work
Highly Misleading Jobs and Emissions Claims Used to Justify Victorian Onshore Gas
New Reform Big Win for All Energy Users, But Door Closed on Households
Coronavirus Stimulus: Right Size, Wrong Shape
Stronger Controls Around Artificial Intelligence Needed
Taxpayers bear cost for Government’s surplus fetish
Statement on NSW Scope 3 Emissions Bill Inquiry Report
GDP Figures Show Australian Economy Stuck in Slow Lane
Tasmanian Hydrogen Plan: Good for Tasmania and Good for Planet
Australian Summer Now Over One Month Longer
NT Fracking Worse Than All Australian Coal Power Stations Combined
Statement regarding Technology Investment Roadmap
Up ‘effluent creek’: Basin Plan projects to damage sensitive waterways
Equinor Out – Time to Give Great Australian Bight World Heritage Protection
Report shows Jetstar workers losing $200,000 because of Qantas wage freeze
Net-Zero by 2050 Emissions Target Provides Community & Business Certainty
New Analysis: Superannuation Tax Concessions Big, Getting Bigger and Unfair
Beechworth Principles Strong Step Towards Federal Anti-Corruption Watchdog
New Analysis: Only One Coal Plant Being Built in Western Europe, North America or Australia
Breaking it Down: Victorian Coal Power Plants Least Reliable in Aus
Child Classifications Must Include Gambling in Computer Games
NSW Coal More Polluting than Total UK Emissions, Should be Considered by Planners
$460m Lifeline Needed to Save ARENA, Build Australia’s Energy Future
Army Call-Out ‘Political Theatre’ that Raises Legal Questions
Survey Reveals: Bushfires Cost 1.8 million Work Days, Leave 5 Million Sick from Smoke
‘Watergate’ water “not value for money” even at half price according to Department
Australia’s Interests in Middle East better served by diplomacy than a military deployment
Fossil Fuel Levy for Fire Recovery Would Boost SA Jobs and Economy
New Tasmanian Leader an Opportunity to Change Direction on Privatisation, Transparency
Australians Want Gov. to Mobilise Against Climate Change Like a ‘World War’
Government Ignored Insurance Industry’s Warnings on Climate Disasters and Need to Prepare
Morrison Government’s Fire Response Should be Funded by Levy on Fossil Fuel Producers: Australia Institute
Immense impending bushfire costs heighten call for Climate Disaster Levy
Costs Soar in National Bushfire Crisis: Call for Levy on Fossil Fuel Production
‘It’s Thought That Counts’ – $980m of Christmas gifts will go to waste: Australia Institute
New Study Shows Majority Support Christmas Boost for Newstart Recipients
Airport exploits set to continue over Xmas despite Productivity Commission Report
Equinor Approved to Drill in Bight Despite Significant Community Opposition
Put Levy on Fossil Fuel Producers to Pay for Climate Disasters: Australia Institute
Analysis: MYEFO Surplus Just Another Accounting Trick
Murray Darling ‘top cop’ blind to Basin’s problems
Digital Platforms Response Business as Usual for Big Tech
Kimberley Extreme Heat Forecast: Unprecedented Rise of Days Over 40°C