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Cool lift for million-year-old ice cores
China divide
Argentinian Antarctic Base Renovation Open for Comment
Bacteria enzyme extracts energy from hydrogen in air
Drones detect moss beds and changes to Antarctica climate
Interactive Antarctic Sea-Ice Tool Launched Feb 21, 2023
AI to Help Uncover Antarctic Blue Whale Secrets, 2023
Ice mission success into deep Antarctica 16 February 2023
Environmental DNA Testing Guidelines Adopted Feb 2023
Adventuring Antarctica via Career Path
Tag team: tale of two Antarctic blue whales 9 February 2023
Tag Team: Antarctic Blue Whales United
Bacteria Thrive on Earth’s Ancient Energy in Ocean Depths
New research cracks climate-change mystery of Antarctic sea ice
AAD Director announces retirement 31 January 2023
DNA detector exposes hidden Antarctic krill 24 January 2023
Women Lead Antarctic Expedition: 13 January 2023 Season Preview
Supporting mates at home and away
Robots to enhance Australia’s Antarctic activities 12 January 2023
Karen Pye to Tackle Antarctica Remotely in 2023
Airdrop system enables Antarctic scientists
Antarctic tradies return to operating theatre 8 January 2023
Ben Patrick Reaches Antarctica on 7 Jan to Support Science
100K Tourists to Antarctica: Worry for Ice Damage?
Milestone: Traverse to Reach Oldest Ice in Dec. 2022
Cost-Effective Antarctic Biodiversity Conservation Roadmap by 2022
Emperor Penguins Face Extinction by 2100; Others at Risk
New roadmap to cost-effective conservation of Antarctic biodiversity
Airdrop delivers camp for Antarctic science campaign 20 December 2022
New aquarium under development for Antarctic krill research 17 December 2022
Big plans for tiny species: New aquarium in works for Antarctic krill research
Diesel and dust: assessing risks from fuel contamination in Antarctica 12 December 2022
Nominations open for Australian Antarctic Medal 1 December 2022
QUT research capability enhanced with two ARC Linkage Infrastructure grants
When Barry met Steve: aurora watcher captures rare hot glow over Antarctica 4 November 2022
Helping to support environmental future of Antarctica
Special Research Initiative for Antarctic Science will help forecast environmental change across Antarctic region
New Antarctic research endeavour opens at Monash University
Great Southern supply airdrop
Pack tent: Australia to set up deep-field science camps in Antarctica 18 October 2022
Dramatic decline in Adélie penguins near Mawson 11 October 2022
Antarctic seabed ‘jigsaw piece’ publicly released 4 October 2022
Release of summary research paper re: diversity, equity, and inclusion in Australian Antarctic Program
Machine learning bests humans in whale call detection
AI better than humans at detecting blue whale calls 28 September 2022
Southern storms prompt ‘rethink’ of sub-Antarctic station renovations 26 September 2022
Symposium sets scene for research on frozen continent and icy seas 24 September 2022
Tribute to former AAD Director from Antarctic community 19 September 2022