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Gold Coast know-how builds capacity for safer waters
Environmental assessment of RSV Nuyina operations open for public comment 22 July 2021
UK and Australian new polar research ships rendezvous on sea trials
Shaking up earthquake science on Macquarie Island 6 July 2021
First call to join working groups for Million Year Ice Core project 5 July 2021
Acoustic research sheds new light on whale sounds
New icebreaker to arrive in October 29 June 2021
Winter investigations to commence for Davis Aerodrome Project 28 June 2021
Public comment sought on Macquarie Island station renovation 24 June 2021
Australian Antarctic Medals awarded 21 June 2021
Midwinter Day in Antarctica celebrated with ice-hole plunge 21 June 2021
Saving seabirds 19 June 2021
Clean bill of health for Macquarie Island marine life 5 June 2021
Industry Participation Register for Davis Aerodrome Project now open 2 June 2021
Supercooled secrets of Southern Ocean clouds 26 May 2021
ATSB releases MPV Everest fire investigation preliminary report
Century of Antarctic science celebrated by Australia, UK and Switzerland 19 May 2021
Explosive cyclones off Antarctica contribute to ice shelf calving 11 May 2021
New research: contribution of land ice to 21st century sea level rise 6 May 2021
Cancer Council WA fundraiser runs sub-Antarctic half marathon in honour of late mother
Momentum builds for Southern Ocean protection 29 April 2021
New Centre for Antarctic and Southern Ocean Technology 22 April 2021
Epic Australian Antarctic season concludes with safe return of resupply ship 14 April 2021
Minister pays tribute to Antarctic expeditioners
MPV Everest returns safely to Fremantle 13 April 2021
Union welcomes safe arrival of fire-damaged MPV Everest; questions emergency contingency plans
Update: support vessel nearing fire damaged MPV Everest 12 April 2021
Update: support ship heads south to accompany MPV Everest 9 April 2021
Update: plans underway for a support ship to assist Australian Antarctic vessel 8 April 2021
Update: damaged Antarctic resupply vessel will dock in Western Australia 7 April 2021
Second incident this year on Australia’s temporary Antarctic resupply vessel
New Chair of Australian Antarctic Science Council 7 April 2021
Update: fire on Australia’s Antarctic resupply vessel 6 April 2021
Engine room fire on MPV Everest extinguished 5 April 2021
Voyage heads home after extended resupply mission 1 April 2021
Thanks a krillion: Antarctic voyage delivers breakthrough science 24 March 2021
Antarctic voyage delivers breakthrough krill research
Antarctic arts grace new Australian stamps 16 March 2021
Behind scenes of a krill block-buster 12 March 2021
Whale watching in Antarctica 10 March 2021
Tough old bird sets new band record 9 March 2021
World Wildlife Day: a year on Macca 3 March 2021
Swimming with krill 2 March 2021
Living dream: new Station Leader for Macquarie Island 2 March 2021
Music and art head south for Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship 1 March 2021
“Stark warning”: Combating ecosystem collapse from tropics to Antarctic
Sub-Antarctic research sparks Australia-wide study of ecosystem collapses 26 February 2021
See 19 Australian ecosystems already collapsing