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Environmental assessment of Antarctic aviation open for public comment
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Science under COVID-19
Saving lives at sea
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Seeking Chair of Australian Antarctic Science Council
Remote tech helps monitor icebreaker tests during pandemic
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Changes for Australian Antarctic Program to keep icy continent free of COVID-19
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Australian Antarctic Medals honour unsung heroes of south
AUV reveals Sørsdal ice shelf secrets
Submarine shows cold salty water slows Sørsdal shelf melt
Improving Gender Equality in Australian Antarctic Program
National disgrace if iconic Aurora Australis sold for scrap to ship breakers
Testing times for new ice drill
Sky is no limit for future of Antarctic science
Mawson weathers wild Antarctic storm
Antarctic resupply gets truckin’
Next steps for proposed Antarctic aerodrome decided
Macquarie Island albatrosses breed easier after rabbit eradication
Antarctic ice cores could assist Australian drought management
Mother’s Day 2020
Migration mysteries of Antarctic frequent flyers
Antarctic clothing to help ease cold for Hobart homeless
High-tech protection for Hobart rough sleepers
World Day for Safety & Health at Work
A bold vision for Australia’s Antarctic Science
Strategic plan charts course for Antarctic science
JCU research extends to Antarctica
Microplastic pollution recorded for first time in Antarctic sea ice
Global collaboration to secure Antarctica’s future
Leading role for UOW in Antarctic science collaboration
UniSA researcher joins new $36m national program to preserve Antarctic
Monash University leads $36 million global collaboration to secure Antarctica’s future
Call for community comment on Mawson Station heritage management plan
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