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[Uranium:] mineral that never made sense now doesn’t even make dollars
New research shows how schools, pools, prisons and libraries can power Queensland’s [renewable future]
Conservation groups welcome Labor’s 10 year climate plan
[Budget 2020-21:] a win for big polluters, a loss for climate action
[Devolving extinction:] State environment approvals would weaken nature protection
Jobs in renewables and energy efficiency [are booming]
More than fiscal stimulus: an alternate plan to reboot economy
Technology without a target isn’t climate action
Energy plan fails to move away from fossil fuels
Strong environment laws crucial to halting extinction crisis: [global biodiversity report]
PM’s fantasy: out of frying pan, into [gas fire]
Gladstone can be a [renewable-powered industry hub]
No consensus on [radioactive] waste dump plan
Weapons of gas destruction: lifting lid on emissions from gas
Labor makes strong pitch to Queenslanders [with $500m renewables fund]
Don’t [fossilize] Australia’s clean energy agencies
Conservationists warn UNESCO of ‘alarming’ move to weaken protection [for World Heritage sites]
Biggest petition in ACF’s history calls for stronger environment laws [to halt extinction crisis]
[Isolated on climate policy:] Morrison Government alone in rejecting net zero by 2050
Far-reaching climate change risks to Australia must be reduced and managed
Environment bill a disaster for koalas, bilbies
Don’t back a loser by [funding new coal-fired power]
Palaszczuk gets Queensland [in zone on renewables]
[Nuke] South Wales?
Renewables on track to provide a third of Queensland’s power by 2025: new research
Morrison Government climate policy [allows big polluters to increase emissions]
New report reveals extinction crisis in suburbs
Energy market operator confirms demise of coal and [no need for more gas]
[Gas industry influence] is bad for jobs, bad for climate
[Gas-fired backfire:] bad for jobs, bad for tax revenue, bad for climate
Federal [radioactive waste] agency flawed from day one
Stronger standards and [independent oversight needed] to halt extinction crisis
ACF appeals decision to keep [wetland-wrecking Toondah Harbour proposal] documents secret
[New solar farm] means 300 renewables jobs for Gladstone
Queensland Community Alliance members to pitch [‘Maroonprint’] to Deb Frecklington
Scathing Auditor-General’s report on environment law makes clear case for new, independent regulator
Retain integrity of renewable energy agencies: ACF
[Queensland leads nation] with electoral reforms to get big money out of politics
Federal investigation into alleged [unlicensed coal mining at Acland]
Gaslighting Australia: Gas is already a big climate polluter
Comprehensive and credible clean up of Ranger is critical for Kakadu – and Rio Tinto’s reputation
Building a stronger and cleaner post-pandemic Australia
A dirty tech roadmap is no vision for Australia
Licence to speed: King proposals reward big polluters
Funding for wildlife and habitats welcomed
Incitec Pivot releases super-potent climate pollutant from chemical plant in Queensland
Memo to Minister Pitt: runaway climate change is a disaster for jobs
Thirsty coal industry taking water needed by people and environment