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Department of Health statement 17 May
Why are we forced to vote?
How do donations fund election campaigns? Where does money come from?
What we know about online ads in federal election
NSW man in court today charged by AFP Taskforce for threatening behaviour
NSW man in court today charged by AFP Taskforce for threatening behavior
Don’t bring COVID home on election day
Strict rules governing political signage will be enforced
Supporting people living with dementia to participate in Federal Election
Fed Election: Your rights and responsibilities
AFP Commissioner Opening Statement
New AFP Taskforce to protect Federal politicians and candidates
Plan now to support people living with dementia to participate in upcoming election
Clive Palmer spends 100 times more than major parties on advertising
Rules on political donations must be tightened to restore trust
Temporary Election Jobs
Rules on election signs
An Old Problem Suddenly Dominates Australia’s Election: ‘Dark Money’
Blueprint to rein in money in politics
Nurses to vote on industrial action against Serco
Steggall misstep highlights urgent need for political donation reform
Stronger political donation rules are long overdue
How we can level playing field on political donations
Law firms make big donations to Labor Party
How political parties hide source of their donations
Almost quarter of political donations come from ‘handful’ of sources as Anthony Pratt tops list
Political donation data feeds reform call
Political donations: $1.2 billion over 22 years, and ‘associated entities’ dominate
Anthony Pratt gave Liberals $1.3m while upstart political groups gain sizeable donations
Coalition boosts donations ahead of election, electoral commission figures reveal
Sources of millions in funding to Labor and Liberals kept secret in political donations disclosures
Anthony Pratt tops political donations list
Concerns over ‘opaque’ political donations
Fossil fuel industry donates big to major parties
Political party donation profiles – 1998-2020
ACF to appeal decision to keep Toondah Harbour meeting documents hidden
Broken Hill’s Darriea Turley wins top spot at LGNSW
FECCA calls for Voter ID laws to be abandoned
Pre-polling – 2021 Local Government Elections
‘Proposed voter ID rules will disenfranchise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’ NACCHO’s message on Electoral Legislation
Candidate Qualification Checklist under review
Proposed Voter ID changes creates barriers for multicultural communities to vote
On Eve of Federal Election, Government Looks to Disenfranchise Voters While Ignoring Long-Overdue Democracy Reforms
Increased investment of Indigenous electoral participation measures
Voter ID laws fix an imaginary problem while creating real ones
Democracy Undermined for new Indigenous Party of Australia
Lessen lockdown boredom with these programs, services and opportunities – Wollongong
Federal electoral divisions in Western Australia formalised