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Astronomers Link Mysterious Radio Burst with Gravitational Waves
NASA delegation visits Plants for Space
Satellite Tracks CO2 Emissions from 100 Nations in Pilot Project
Woody Meadows greening our cities right way
National report offers blueprint for sustaining local mastheads
Common household gadgets harvesting your child’s data
Woolworths Launches Telehealth Service, Emphasizes Patient Care
Engineer and Info Sci Expert to Lead Transformation
Barking up right trees on greenhouse gases
Navigating future: promise of autonomous boats
Sexual harassment and customer abuse rife in retail
Promised Self-Driving Car Revolution: Where Is It Now?
Illawarra Cements Position in Clean Energy Revolution at Canberra Expo
Australian shallow reefs in decline
Great Southern Reef Troubles Outweigh Great Barrier Reef’s
Improving water access in remote and isolated communities
Expect Unexpected with El Niño: Surprise Ahead
Antarctic Life Mimics Ice Age Movie for Ice-Free Refuge
New Theory Explains Domestication Syndrome in Animals Living With Humans
Fossils Unearth Australia’s Ancient Bizarre Possum, Wombat Relative
Research Suggests Space Origin of Earth’s Life Building Blocks
Forests Reduce Bushfire Risk if Left Undisturbed: Study
QUT research shows bushfire safe rooms may save lives
Mystery Parrot Has Poor Vision but Good Hearing
Life-long environment for discovery and impact
Chernobyl: Worst Nuclear Disaster Now Sheds Light on Earth’s History
Scientists open door to manipulating ‘quantum light’
Scientists Manipulate Quantum Light
Mystery of Millions of Fish Gasping to Death in Darling
UN Climate Report: What to Know About IPCC
Butterfly Flaps Predict El Niño: Autumn Not Ideal Time
High School Teacher Sparks Groundbreaking Research, Career
Electricity Prices on Rise: Is There End in Sight?
Diamonds Rare Since Formation, Research Suggests
Giant Eagle of Australia Extinct: Could Snatch Koalas from Trees
Researcher Selected for Global Women in STEMM Leadership Program
Brain white matter declines for years after stroke
Cancer care and lessons learned from pandemic
Captured CO2 Transformed Into Everyday Products via New Method
Tasmanian Devil Whiskers May Save Species
New process gives CO2 conversion more “bang for buck”
UNSW Researchers Receive Top AAS Honours
Saving Endangered Species Requires More than Captive Breeding: OBP
Making our roads resilient, eco-friendly and smart
Honeybee Waggle Dance: Innate or Learned?
Fairy-Wrens Favor Friends Over Strangers
Groundbreaking centre to end violence against women
Bacteria enzyme extracts energy from hydrogen in air