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Role of Aboriginal English in Indigenous health communication
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ARC funding announcement
Adolescents bombarded with junk food marketing on social media
ANU centre to turbo-charge crop production
UWA awarded $8 million to lead two new Industrial Training Centres
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Social housing is frequently colder than global health guidelines
UNSW tops ARC Research Hub grants
$74 million to bring Australian research and industry together
Teens should have a say in whether they get a COVID vaccine
Plasma tech could replace one of world’s rarest materials
Wild pigs release same emissions as 1 million cars each year
Galactic fireworks: stunning features of nearby galaxies revealed
When coral dies, tiny invertebrates boom
New research training centre to focus on innovations for Australia’s biosolids resource
Future home: How digital lifestyle trends are impacting energy demands
Scientists help solve insulin puzzle
Sustainable onshore lobster aquaculture hub launched
Combo meal deals and price discounts on fast food encourage us to eat more junk
If wildlife vigilantes smuggle Tassie devils to Australian mainland, animals could live in secret for 20 years
ARC Research Hub for Sustainable Onshore Lobster Aquaculture opens
Is when you lose your virginity and have your first kid really written in your genes?
New training centre focuses on optimising mining
An ‘astounding’ find reveals a rare cause of epilepsy
Laureate double for UQ researchers
ANU researchers win nation’s most prestigious funding award
Optical imaging and battery technology focus for Laureates
Australian Laureate Fellowships at forefront of Australian research
Australian Laureate Fellowships improving Australian lives
Here’s why your city isn’t a lush, green oasis yet
Boosting barley production from ground up
Latrobe and Hunter regions both have coal stations, but one has far worse mercury pollution
National plan to allow battery cages until 2036 favours cheap eggs over animal welfare
Right at your fingertips: researcher creating digital touch
Almost 60 coral species around Lizard Island are ‘missing’ – and a Great Barrier Reef extinction crisis could be next
Scientists resurrect ‘forgotten’ genus of algae living in marine animals
Science & Technology Australia welcomes new committee members
Is Australia really doing enough for Great Barrier Reef?
Anti-androgen therapy may fuel spread of bone tumours in advanced prostate cancer
Australia’s threatened species plan has failed on several counts
Slowing down grape ripening can improve berry quality for winemaking
Space events that occurred long before dinosaurs existed
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