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Wild animals are evolving faster than anybody thought
To walk talk on climate, Labor must come clean about future for coal and gas
Australian Academy of Science Elects Fellow Professor Craig Simmons
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Unlocking secrets of ancient global trade
What would happen if someone moved at twice speed of light?
Lismore floodwater enough to fill half of Sydney Harbour
Australia’s cities policies are seriously inadequate for tackling climate crisis
Cosmic telescope reveals inner workings of two proto-galaxies
Climate change is killing trees in Queensland’s tropical rainforests
Researchers Use Galaxy as ‘Cosmic Telescope’ to Study Heart of Young Universe
Mercury removal made easy
Lismore faced monster floods all but alone
First Nations people in NT receive just 16% of Medicare funding of an average Australian
Election 2022 pledges on science and technology
Unglitching system: Advancement in predicting software vulnerabilities
A fossil tooth places enigmatic ancient humans in Southeast Asia
Is there a future for ultra long-haul flights in a net zero carbon world?
Protecting nationality of Pacific Islanders as climate change hits
Supporting Australian research to future proof nation’s economy
Why holding back your urge to poop can wreak havoc on your insides – a gastroenterologist explains
Baby oysters follow crackling sound of snapping shrimp
What next Australian government must do to save Great Barrier Reef
How extreme storms can replenish beaches, not just erode them
4 reasons why Morrison government’s forestry cash splash is bad policy
Yes, $5 for lettuce is too much. Government should act to stem rising cost of healthy eating
Climate change hits low-income earners harder – and poor housing in hotter cities is a disastrous combination
How chameleons become even brighter without predators around
Higher wheat yields and protein content on horizon
23Strands and UTS team up to research into how genomics can benefit from artificial intelligence
Hidden stories in Australia’s cultural data
Do those viral ’36 questions’ actually lead to finding love?
How a volcanic bombardment in ancient Australia led to world’s greatest climate catastrophe
How do major parties rate on climate policies?
This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate brave, multi-tasking mums of Australian bird world
Abortion is no longer a crime in Australia 5 May
65,000 years of food scraps found at Kakadu tell a story of resilience amid changing climate, sea levels and vegetation
Australia’s next government must tackle our collapsing ecosystems and extinction crisis
Over 1,100 species live in Antarctica – but they’re at risk from human activity
How do major parties rate on Medicare?
What we know about online ads in federal election
Telescope dons ‘sunglasses’ to find brightest ever pulsar
Find out what threatened plants and animals live in your electorate
We’ve used a new technique to discover brightest radio pulsar outside our own galaxy
Lizard, snake T-cell mystery