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Pest plants and animals leave a frightening $1
Floods can worsen inequality. Here are 4 ways we can ensure people with disabilities aren’t left behind
Revolutionary digital system transforms contemporary stage design
3 mRNA vaccines researchers are working on
Megafauna extinction mystery – size isn’t everything
Floods and COVID-19 have merged to pose great danger for Timor-Leste
Cyclone Seroja last night demolished parts of WA – and our warming world will bring more of same
Microbes in trees eat methane for breakfast
We found methane-eating bacteria living in a common Australian tree
We found a methane-eating bacteria living in a common Australian tree
Researchers discover seaweed molecules can help heal wounds
Discovery could help lengthen lifespan of electronic devices
Marine life is fleeing equator to cooler waters
Bone tools found in arid landscape among oldest in Australia
Supporting conversion therapy survivors
New Chair of Australian Antarctic Science Council 7 April 2021
Solving mammal brain size puzzle
How baked bat guano helped archaeologists understand our ancient past
QUT awarded grants for renewable feedstock and viticulture research
How tragedy and luck reveals ocean’s hidden highways
Half of global methane emissions come from aquatic ecosystems – much of this is human-made
Floodplains aren’t separate to a river – they’re an extension of it
When rock art meets machine learning
Academics partner with industry and policy makers on new research
Here’s how Australia will look if world heats by 3℃ this century
How a toxic and sexist workplace culture can affect your health
$1.2 million awarded to Southern Cross for collaborative research
‘Animal-stress’ signal improves plant drought resilience
An improved safety standard for pacemakers and cochlear implants
A staggering 1.8 million hectares burned in ‘high-severity’ fires during Australia’s Black Summer
Plants Remember Drought
International team uncovers mystery behind ‘coffee ring’ formation
Environmentally sustainable ARC projects awarded almost $2 million in funding
Researchers look for immunological solutions in marsupial opossums
National success for industry-linked ARC grants
Monash University awarded $1.2M to support world leading research
There’s no need to pause vaccine rollouts when there’s a safety scare
ARC Linkage Projects success for Griffith University researchers
UNSW academic leads creative arts into a $10m national mental health centre
Funding win for UOW energy and cybersecurity projects
ARC grants support bold research projects
Research partnerships unlocking Australian potential
Strengthening Australian research to strengthen our future
Yes, Australia is a land of flooding rains
New book investigates WA’s most important shipwrecks
Shell middens rewrite history of submerged coastal landscapes in North America & Europe
Ancient undersea middens offer clues about life before rising seas engulfed coast
Genuine about climate action, Mr Cormann?