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Dental procedures during pandemic are no riskier than a drink of water
Symbiotic Bacteria In Root Cells May Be Key To Producing Better Crops, Rutgers Study Finds
Salmonella contamination via strawberry roots not a dietary risk factor
Researchers discovered a gut microbiota profile that can predict mortality
History of giants in gene: Scientists use DNA to trace origins of giant viruses
World’s fastest information-fuelled engine designed by SFU researchers
Treatment for Alzheimer found effective in preventing inflammation in orthopedic implants
A beetle’s Achilles heel: Glyphosate inhibits symbiotic bacteria in saw-toothed grain beetle
Curious Kids: why does sun’s bright light make me sneeze?
Mouse plague hits Parliament House
Microneedle patch delivers antibiotics locally in skin
In soil, high microbial fluctuation leads to more carbon emissions
Study Reveals How Root Nodule-associated Bacteria Distribute along Elevation Gradient in Kunlun Mountains
Bose, Meacham receive Defense Department grant
Surprising sand fly find yields new species of bacteria
Archaeal enzyme that produces membrane lipids is spectacularly promiscuous
Novel tool could fast-track cell discoveries
Scientists awarded funding to tackle antimicrobial resistance
Wild dog control benefits native wildlife
Membranes unlock potential to vastly increase cell-free vaccine production
Cryptic sense of orientation of bats localised – sixth sense of mammals lies in eye
Investigating role of Brd4 in diet-induced obesity
Tiny plastic particles in environment
Recce Pharmaceuticals’ R327 shows promise against pathogens
Curious kids: do whales fart and sneeze?
Microbes – Carbon to chemicals
Training infectious disease research leaders
Applying UV light to common disinfectants makes them safer to use
Adult with meningococcal disease
Piecing together LanCL puzzle
‘Pokemonas’: Bacteria related to lung parasites discovered, named after Pokémon
Important factor in development of dendritic cells identified
How Plants Find Their Symbiotic Partners
Promising wastewater treatment discovery
DNA inspired supercoiling fibres for artificial muscles
In wild soil, predatory bacteria grow faster than their prey
Study Examines Why Skin Lacerations May Be Slow to Heal, Even with Topical Antibiotics
‘Batgirl’ takes on new discoveries in disease ecology, rabies transmission
Research shows consuming prebiotic supplements once a day has a positive impact on anxiety levels
With their new tool for synthetic biology, Freiburg researchers have bacteria develop photos
CDC Investigation Notice: CDC investigating outbreak of Salmonella infections linked to cashew brie cheese
Citizen science data tracks battle of birds vs bacteria
How oxygen radicals protect against cancer
Biomass production by reverse citric acid cycle
New biosensor designed to detect toxins and more
Stress test finds cracks in resistance of harmful hospital bugs
Feldman, Khader, Philips elected to American Academy of Microbiology
Eliminating resistant bacteria with nanoparticles