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To combat climate change, human activities more important than natural feedbacks
Scientists use neutrons to try to develop better, less costly dental restorations
Old carbon reservoirs unlikely to cause large greenhouse gas release
Newly found bacteria fights climate change, soil pollutants
Op-ed: Dietary Supplements Can Carry Hidden Risks
Biosensor to reduce antimicrobial consumption for piglets
Vici grants for three Leiden researchers
How are microbes attracted to an oil spill?
Prospects of new treatments for diabetes through metabolic products of intestinal flora
How transient invaders can transform an ecosystem
Modified tuberculosis vaccine as a therapy for cancer of bladder
“Make two out of one” – Division of Artificial Cells
Spillover: Why germs jump species from animals to people
Meningococcal disease death in a young adult
Giving Good Bacteria an Edge in Making Cheese
New air testing detects campylobacter in chicken flocks more frequently
Researchers discover a new biochemical compound that can break down environmental pollutants
Lung transplant survivor beats odds through ground breaking treatment
UNE’s Eva Rose Balog publishes two papers on protein polymer research
New cancer ward at Canberra Hospital
Leaking away essential resources isn’t wasteful, actually helps cells grow
Forest soils release more carbon dioxide than expected in rainy season
Gut bacteria linked to anxiety-like behaviours in children
Fish smugglers schooled at Melbourne Airport
Poop Matters: Making Mouse Gut Microbiome More Human-Like
CRISPR “Minigene” Approach Stops Genetic Liver Disease in Mice
Discovery of ‘Holy Grail’ of antibiotics
Right beneath skin we all have same bacteria
Cleaner hands make health care healthier
Blue-green algae detected at Lake Canobolas and Gosling Creek Dam
Health and safety concerns identified at RCMP training facility in Kemptville, Ontario
A single gene controls root nodulation and lateral root growth
Lake Alexander Reopens for Recreational Water Activities
Darwin Café all about CRISPR-Cas
Plants control own root environment
Lake Alexander Closed to all Water Activities
New Bacteriophage Fully Characterized and Sequenced
How to Clean a Drain
Researchers discover new strategy in fight against antibiotic resistance
Rains have started, be aware of melioidosis
Next generation wound gel treats and prevents infections
Ilze Bot receives prestigious grant from Dutch Heart Foundation
Child Australia Lockridge and Meningococcal disease
Detecting pediatric cancer with bacteria
Avoid salmonella food poisoning this Christmas
Protein Injections in Medicine
Dramatic transition in Streptomyces life cycle explained in new discovery
People should not always expect a medicine when they go to their doctor