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Nature Favors All Creatures Great and Small, Neglects Medium Size
Membrane Discs as Antitoxins
Promising Probiotic for Dairy Cattle Heads to Marketplace
Fly DNA fighting killer bacteria
Infant gut bacteria use nitrogen from breast milk for health
Deep-learning Optimized Suite Enhances ChIP-exo Peak Calling
Vaping Linked to Higher Risk of Dental Issues: Study
Immune System Could Lessen TB Antibiotic Use
Giant Faba Bean Genome Sequenced
MNGS Outperforms Microbiological Tests to Diagnose BSI
Mini Microscopes Offer Improved Illumination for Computers
Update: Health Canada on Infant Formula Supply in Canada
Project to develop new precision antibiotics launched
We can produce anything
Making Sense of Networks with Incoherence Harnessing
Enquirer: Legionella sprouts in water more than numbers show
Boosting survival of beneficial bacterium in human gut
Plankton’s Role in Climate Change to be Discussed April 5
Beneficial Bacterium’s Survival Improved in Human Gut
Scientists Uncover Protein Synthesis in Giardia Parasite
Colorectal cancer and E. coli: new insights
Fomepizole Beats Antibiotic-Resistant Pneumonia in Mice
Gut Bacterium Uses Rho Factor for Mammalian Colonization
Bacteria Yields Greener Catalysts
Streptomyces Nano-Syringes: Self-Protection Through Self-Poisoning
Fish resists Vibrio with help of TARL, stabilizing TAK1
How to know your colon is healthy
FDA Recalls 3 Eye Drops: Patient Info Needed
Fibroblasts Found to Aid Wound Healing and Clearing
Do We Need ‘Junk DNA’?
Detect, bind and cut: biomolecular action at nanoscale
Nature’s substances to replace pesticides
Innovative Modification Boosts Bio-Electrochemical Waste Treatment
Life in smoke of underwater volcanoes
Bacteria Modeled After Corals for Carbon-Neutral Cement
Deeper insights into bacteria
UMass Chan discovers new system to track harmful bacteria in C. elegans
High-Temperature Deep-Sea Microorganisms Boast Immense Biodiversity
Soil bacteria as biocatalysts
Microbes Survive on Light: How?
Harmful bacteria can elude predators when in mixed colonies
Qsanger method quantifies bacterial genetic variations
Research Debunks Mozart Effect on Epilepsy Relief
Additive Aids in Making Slurry Climate-Friendly
Lake Alexander at East Point Reopened for Swimming
Stay in Your Lane: Chaos Hides Order in Crowds
New gut calming innovation to bring relief to IBS sufferers
Novel Protein Lanpepsy Binds Lanthanides with High Precision