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Ben & Jerry’s bans same scoop flavors until Australia legalizes same-sex marriage
Trump reportedly threatens to ban ‘very bad’ Germans from selling cars in US
US appeals court refuses to reinstate travel ban
US lawmakers propose total tourist travel ban to North Korea amid rising tensions
Trump’s travel ban ‘drips with intolerance’ – judge
Australia considers laptop ban on some international flights
Young Saudi woman saves man’s life by defying driving ban – media
U.S., EU in talks on expanding laptop ban on flights
US electronics ban could hit 350 daily flights from Europe
Airlines, DHS officials discuss laptop & tablet ban on flights from Europe ‒ report
EU wants urgent talks with US over airline laptop ban
France bans breeding dolphins and whales in captivity
France bans extremely thin models
Hardline Brussels to ban Theresa May from negotiating Brexit with other EU leaders
Supreme Court refuses challenge to California ban on ‘gay conversion’ therapy
Twitter to ban UK government & MI5 spies from snooping on public’s data
Bill to ban same-sex marriage in North Carolina filed by GOP legislators
Venezuela bans key opposition leader from running against Maduro
Minnesota lawmakers take step to ban selling browser data
El Salvador says no to gold to become 1st country to ban metal mining
A look at latest ruling on Trump administration travel ban
UK bans laptop, tablet in cabin for flight from six countries
U.S. temporarily bans most electronics on Middle Eastern airlines
U.S. ban on electronic devices from Mideast airports sparks confusion and outrage
US may ban laptops in cabins on some flights
No more Godfathers? Sicilian bishop bans Mafiosi from church Sacraments
U.S. Justice Dept. appeals court ruling blocking Trump’s revised travel ban
US judge blocks new Trump travel ban – reports
EU’s top court rules employers can ban Islamic headscarves in workplaces
Malaysia to deport 50 North Koreans despite ban
Employers can ban wearing of visible religious symbols – top EU court
Australia considers childcare ban on unvaccinated children
Turkey threatens Netherlands to pay price of ban on Turkish politicians
Judge refuses to halt second Trump travel ban
Legal challenges to Trump’s travel ban mount from US states
Swearing ban will cost potty-mouthed Rochdale residents £100
Hawaii first state to challenge new Trump travel ban
Hawaii plans to fight Trump’s revised travel ban
Trump signs new travel ban, downsizes targeted countries to six
Malaysia bans all N. Koreans from leaving country in tit-for-tat after Pyongyang’s ban
North Korea and Malaysia ban each other’s citizens from leaving
Trump’s revised travel ban greeted with anger again
Trump signs new travel ban order, Iraq left off
Former Iranian President promotes love & peace on Twitter, years after he helped ban it
China bans package tours to S. Korea in ‘retaliation’ against THAAD installation – media
Madrid court bans Catholic group’s anti-transgender bus from the road (PHOTOS)
Detention centre mobile ban will ‘prevent crime’
Muslim staff quits Trump govt after travel ban