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Team finds way to protect genetic privacy in research
Vanderbilt contributes to ‘Google Earth’ of human body, starting with kidney
A molecule from gut bacteria reduces effect of diabetes medication
HRI expands research into inflammation and blood pressure disorders
Two Genes Regulate Social Dominance
Knight Campus scientist looks to advance health devices
Fighting cancer radioresistance and invasiveness
‘Organ on a chip’ is wave of future
Forest Biodiversity and Cellular Transport
Funds support new brain cancer investigation
2020 Alinta Energy – CEF Alumni Award Winners Announced
Success through synergies
New database measures gene activity in bacteria and their human hosts
New light on cellular hydration
Discovery of shape of SARS-CoV-2 genome after infection could inform new COVID-19 treatments
Microbial space travel on a molecular scale
Breakthrough frees tiny, powerful laser device from lab
Researchers develop a high-power, portable terahertz laser
New analysis method can lead to better cancer drugs
A statement regarding Kate Bingham and Vaccine Taskforce
Ultrapotent COVID-19 vaccine candidate computer designed
How Did Red Algae Survive in Extreme Environments?
Scientists Discover New Organic Compounds That Could Have Helped Form First Cells
Brain and spine fluid proteomics may hold Alzheimer’s clues
On Nov. 1, join UCLA’s free hands-on science festival – online for 2020
Biochemists reveal cause of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease-too much of a good thing
Cancer’s Dangerous Renovations to Our Chromosomes Revealed
FSU researchers investigate material properties for longer-lasting, more efficient solar cells
Malaria parasites hide out in humans when it’s not mosquito season
Modeling safer, more effective cardio implant devices
Taking shortcuts to new virus and cancer treatments
11 UCSF Research Specialties Rank in Top 10 in US News Global Universities Rankings for 2021
Study reports chemical mechanism that boosts enzyme commonly observed in cancer
Interdisciplinary melanoma research brings understanding of cellular resistance to cancer treatment
New study shows how complex metabolism may have self-assembled from simple precursors
Warren Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery names Craig Lindsley as director
Neuropilin-1 drives SARS-CoV-2 infectivity, finds breakthrough study
Plant defense layer has unexpected effect on volatile compounds, study finds
Mentor program to aid Black men in medical school
Rapid COVID-19 Test Shows Promise in Community Test Setting
Degradation of damaged organelles in plant cells involves an unknown mechanism
Rapid COVID Test Shows Promise in Community Test Setting
Research demonstrates a molecular dance that keeps your heart beating
NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins, Crewmates Arrive Safely at Space Station
American Chemical Society honors Craig Hawker with 2020 Kathryn C
Earth-friendly fashion: University startup turns food waste into wearables
Coronavirus antibodies last at least three months after infection, University study finds
Synthetic amino acid transporters in living cells: new perspectives to treat diseases