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New breathable gas sensors may improve monitoring of health, environment
Early detection of Alzheimer’s possible – research
Researchers identify tumor-based methylation patterns as cancer biomarkers
Racing Industry Partners Join UK in Support of Promising Racehorse Injury mRNA Biomarker Research
Reliable diagnostics at tip of your finger
Research reveals postbiotic urolithin improves muscle strength and exercise performance in middle aged adults
Research confirms sarin nerve gas as cause of Gulf War illness
Combination of “feelings” and measurements suggest Alzheimer’s in early stage
Genetic study identifies migraine causes and promising therapeutic targets
New partnership to accelerate diagnostic health solutions for remote and rural communities
NeuroScientific Biopharmaceuticals submits for approval of early-phase trial
Flu causes cardiac complications by directly infecting heart
HKUST Pushes Forward Research on Early Diagnostics and Gene Therapy for Neurodegenerative Diseases
Frozen testicular tissue still viable after two decades
Multi-tasking wearable continuously monitors glucose, alcohol, and lactate
Filling gaps in immune system cancer research
Accumulation of amyloid-beta and tau proteins can disrupt brain connectivity years before Alzheimer
Age and high BMI associated with sperm cell irregularities
‘Smart’ diaper for bedside urine testing
Benefits of exercise may vary greatly in primary mitochondrial disease
Advancing Diagnostics for Lupus Nephritis
Study finds healthy-appearing lupus skin predisposed to flares, rashes
Early detection of arthritis using artificial intelligence
Research reveals healthy-appearing lupus skin predisposed to flares, rashes
Cognitive impairment from severe Covid equivalent to 20 years of ageing, study finds
Researchers develop smartphone-powered microchip for at-home medical diagnostic testing
Brain connectivity changes revealed in individuals with pre-clinical Alzheimer’s
Scientists develop smartphone-powered microchip for at-home medical diagnostic testing
Cedars-Sinai April research highlights
Message from Minister of Health for Parkinson’s Awareness Month
Future wearable health tech could measure gases released from skin
Researchers develop model to predict patients with poor lung cancer outcomes
Enhertu granted Breakthrough Therapy Designation in US for patients with HER2-low metastatic breast cancer
AI may detect earliest signs of pancreatic cancer
Gastrointestinal issues linked with anxiety, social withdrawal for kids with autism
Boys are more demanding than girls before they are born
New evidence of how exercise can counter diabetes damage
Blood test could reveal transition to cancer in people at risk
Cytokine signature that allows Covid patients with worst prognosis to be spotted early is identified by Italian researchers
Biomarkers over biopsies: highly accurate and minimally invasive test for liver fibrosis
Less prostate cancer screening reduces overdiagnosis but may miss aggressive cases
Establishment of pancreatic cancer animal model using pancreas-targeted hydrodynamic gene delivery method
Smartwatches and fitness bands reveal individual physiological responses to Covid vaccine
Blood type may offer insights into risk of blood clot in people with cancer
AI models can be racially biased when trained on unbalanced data sets, researchers find
University Researcher Develops New Method for Detecting Tumor Cells
Leukemia patients with certain gene regulation patterns may be less likely to respond to CAR T therapy
Lung cancer drug could improve survival rates for bladder cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy