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Hollings collaborates on two studies showing how to boost immunotherapy effectiveness for patients with oral-cavity squamous cell
‘Dented’ Internal Clock Provides Insight Into Shift Workers’ Weight Gain and Diabetes
Ohio State breath test can identify Covid In critically ill patients
New immunotherapy insights for kidney cancer
Computer scientists developed method for identifying disease biomarkers with high accuracy
PTSD symptoms vary over course of menstrual cycle
Scientists developed method for identifying disease biomarkers with high accuracy
Serial radiation therapy is safe and effective as alternative treatment to systemic therapy for kidney cancer
ALS and dementia attacked by an RNA-hunting compound that recruits cell’s own virus fighter
Certain brain rhythms coordinate cognitive map in human spatial navigation
Scientists evaluate whether lactate sensors can contribute to sports physiology
Identifying unique genetic variants to overcome cancer treatment barriers
Smartphone Sensing Platform Provides Early Warning for Lung Cancer and Ketosis/Diabetes
Machine learning reveals brain networks involved in child aggression
Genetic Markers May Predict Severity of Covid Infection
Polyphenol-rich diets improve leaky gut syndrome in elderly
Baylor researchers part of Precision Aging Network
New molecule targets, images and treats lung cancer tumors in mice
Genetic biomarker test predicts recurrence and survival outcomes for men with high-risk prostate cancer
Safety and efficacy data published for novel nusinersen drug delivery method for spinal muscular atrophy patients
Low vitamin D status may lead to elevated colorectal cancer risk in black women
Biomarker predicts severity of Covid infection early
Researchers develop world’s first smart bandage that detects multiple biomarkers for onsite chronic wound monitoring
NIH launches program to map rare type of non-dividing cells implicated in human health and disease
Novel treatment strategy for pulmonary embolism reveals exceptional promise in early clinical trials
Research characterizes gut virome
Researchers develop new way to find cancer at nanometre scale
First controllable nanoscale gas-liquid interface fabricated
Research reveals some benefits of orange juice
Building better dipstick
Scientists find few adverse health effects in wildlife exposed to low levels of radiation from Fukushima nuclear accident
Saliva-based Covid test may provide at-home results in 30 minutes
Shedding light on mysterious jellyfish diets
Monitoring glucose levels, no needles required
Role of circulating miRNAs and CA19-9 in pancreatic cancer diagnosis
Johns Hopkins pioneers method to examine how immunotherapy changes tumors
Plasma biomarkers predict long-term kidney function after acute kidney injury
BRCA1 mRNA expression in breast and colorectal cancer
Cytokinome screen of colon cancer cell responses to oncology drugs
Is low-fat or whole-fat milk better for kids? Science says it makes no difference
First worldwide personalized-medicine study using functional test demonstrates clinical feasibility and efficacy of individualized
Antioxidants to prevent Alzheimer’s
Brain damage from long stays in space
UH Engineer Reports Advance in Rapid Cancer Detection and Monitoring
ATR inhibitor RP-3500 demonstrates safety and early clinical benefit
MD Anderson and Schrödinger announce strategic research collaboration to accelerate development of WEE1 program
Study describes potential benefits of peanut consumption in young and healthy people
N6-methyladenosine and its clinical relevance in cognitive dysfunctions