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Skin biopsy can help identify patients with Parkinson’s disease
Metastatic prostate cancer on rise since decrease in recommended screenings
Metastatic prostate cancer on rise since decrease in cancer screenings
Chemical analysis finds effects of wildfire smoke on grapes and wines
Seeing lipids more deeply with mass spectrometry
Sanders-Brown Study Looks at Blood Test as Possible Diagnostic Tool for Alzheimer’s Disease
TSU will examine Kolva River and plan restoration
Blood levels of two markers may help determine heart health of individuals with skin-related conditions
Researchers say gene variant indicates effectiveness of immunotherapy for allergies
Researchers put forward evidence for use of advanced MRI techniques as brain cancer monitoring biomarkers
In Memory of Emeritus Professor Pamela Russell AM
Cerebrospinal fluid may be able to indentify aggressive brain tumors in kids
Cerebrospinal Fluid May Be Able to Identify Aggressive Brain Tumors in Children
Analysis of teeth from Arctic seals reveals Arctic Ocean changes going back to 1950s
Western-led concussion research preps for prime time
New epigenetic biomarkers found that potentially predict preterm birth
Immunotherapy drug bolsters head and neck cancer treatment
Indian Ocean warming could weaken Summer Monsoon rainfall in South Asia
Adaptive HEALEY ALS Platform Trial hopes to bring new treatments to patients faster
Research Snapshot: Vanderbilt team discovers potential explanation for treatment resistance in skin cancer
Slow-motion section of San Andreas fault may not be so harmless after all
Bridging worlds of research and industry
Scientist links epigenetic biomarkers to gastrointestinal issues for kids with autism
Decade of women’s heart health, reexamined
Vitamin B3 trialled as glaucoma treatment
Is there genetic link between risk of schizophrenia and surface of brain?
Finding New Biomarker and Drug Target in Breast Cancer
Enhertu significantly improved both progression-free and overall survival in DESTINY-Breast04 trial
Data from Codiak’s exoASO-STAT6 preclinical development program for treatment of primary and metastatic hepatic cancers published
Antibiotics affects gut microbes of newborns
Antibiotics after birth affects gut microbes of babies
Scientists identify biomarkers to predict patient response to immunotherapy treatment for melanoma
Switching to more plant-based diet affects nutrient intake
Blood samples from professional soccer players provides latest evidence that headers affect brain activity
CHOP-led Research Network Assesses Utility of Diagnostic Tools and Treatment Options for Pediatric Fungal Infection
Better methods are needed to understand how sugar affects our bodies
Unraveling connections between singing and Parkinson’s disease
Industry funding potentially compromising gambling addiction research, say experts
LLNL team models Covid disease progression and identifies risk factors
Cancer computer models identify new drug combinations to treat Covid
Biomarker Shows Promise for Potential Treatment of Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy
Following science from prostate cancer’s “on switch” to Sjöberg Prize
Researchers develop model to predict treatment response in gastric cancer
Initiative to map cholangiocarcinoma landscape in Europe will help improve patient outcomes
Hollings to study ways to help pediatric bone marrow transplant patients achieve better outcomes
Potential to identify risk of Alzheimer’s in middle age
One out of Three People Exposed to Potentially Harmful Pesticide
Potential Biomarkers Identified for Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of Lupus