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Math Miracle Finds Rho GTPases Regulate Edge Velocity Dynamically
New rapid ‘glow-in-the-dark’ test for infectious diseases
Fats help tag medical implants as friend or foe
Hydrogel Sensor Monitors Overactive Bladder
New Tech Enhances Cancer Detection, Treatment
UMass Amherst Invent Sustainable Electronic Nose for Health Monitoring
Tiny, Stable Tactile Sensors Developed to be Attached to Body
Researchers Find Solution to Stop Pig Diarrhea
AusBiotech strengthens Board with new appointments
Bot gives nonnative speakers floor in videoconferencing
New DNA Biosensor Could Unlock Powerful, Low-Cost Clinical Diagnostics
DNA Biosensor Opens Door to Low-Cost Clinical Diagnostics
Workshop on Advanced Materials at Dalian Univ. in 2022
Robot, Can You Smell This?
Non-invasive Monitoring of Health via Sweat Analysis with Microelectronics
Graphene Sensors Smell Odor Molecules with Self-Assembled Peptides
Synthetic Genes for Flu Test
Korea Develops Smart Intraocular Lens for Early Dementia Diagnosis
HKU Biologists Unveil Bioenergetics Behind Rapid Pollen Tube Growth
Batteryless and Wireless Device Detects Coronavirus with Magnetostrictive Composite Plates
Scientists Develop Novel Mode of Linear Hybridization Chain Reaction
Commercialisation connector & research rockstar to lead STA
Developing alginate hydrogels that can support cell growth
Researchers combine existing technologies to build new ultrafast electron microscope
Sensing Platform for Studying In Vitro Vascular Systems Opens Possibilities for Drug Testing
Device developed to facilitate monitoring of hereditary and hepatic metabolic disorders
Extracellular Viscosity Linked to Cancer Spread
Revolution Still in Making: NIST Researchers Chart Future of Nucleic Acid Nanotechnology
UK Government Office for Technology Transfer launches with events in London and Manchester
Words matter in food freshness, safety messaging
Plants use their roots to measure manganese concentration available in soil
‘Smart’ bandages could help with wound care
Graphene Boosts Flexible and Wearable Electronics
Encrypted, one-touch, human-machine interface technology unveils user physiology
Terahertz waves hit bull’s eye at angle
Chinese Researchers Propose Novel Electrochemical Biosensor for Early Cancer Detection
Untangled blinking: Fluorescence patterns aid medical diagnostics
Scientists discover new kind of synapse in neurons’ tiny hairs
Glowing tags reveal split-second activity of pathogenic circuitry
Researchers introduce rapid diagnostic test for Listeria
Building better gas-phase biosensors for fight against diseases
‘Smart necklace’ biosensor may track health status through sweat
Phosphate biosensors could lead to more efficient fertilizer usage
CDs to flexible biosensors: Researchers discover easy, inexpensive recycling method
New technique from KU Leuven paves way for quick and easy biomonitoring in living tissue
More than coffee ring
Researchers Investigate Size Effect of AlGaInP Red Micro-LEDs on Silicon Substrate
Robust microorganisms for sustainable bioproduction